[tor-relays] Netflix overblocking non-exit Tor relays

john saylor js0000 at riseup.net
Sat Feb 27 22:56:29 UTC 2016


On 02/26/16 18:42, Gero Kuehn wrote:
> tl;dr: Even paying customers sharing IPs with non-exit Tor relays are now
> blocked from accessing Netflix

yes, this has just happened to me. i spent an hour yesterday in a chat
with netflix customer service and never once was tor mentioned.

i signed in and out of nexflix, removed and re-added the channel to my
roku, and did a whois query for them on my router's ip address. i should
have a log of this discussion- if it is of any value.

to me, if i have to choose between tor and netflix, it's easy: tor wins.

from this tread, i don't get the sense that netflix is interested in
changing anything. it is only speculation, but i'd guess there's a
financial incentive provided to netflix for hostility to tor.

do i have to say anything other than cloudflare?

well, there are many things to do with my time besides watching teevee.
although i just started watching occupied [okkupert] which i liked a lot ...

\js: !

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