[tor-relays] Relays by AS Names

ng0 ng0 at libertad.pw
Fri Apr 8 22:59:17 UTC 2016

Xza <yandereson at riseup.net> writes:

> On April 8, 2016 7:13:17 PM GMT+02:00, ng0 <ng0 at libertad.pw> wrote:
>>Tristan <supersluether at gmail.com> writes:
>>> I think https://compass.torproject.org has all the info I need. After
>>> grouping by AS name for the United States, I decided to go with
>>> They say 100Mbps unmetered for $7.50 a month, but the management page
>>> 10TB per month.
>>Sometimes countries definitions of "unmetered" are like that.
>>See the descriptive texts of ISPs who provide virtual machines or
>>even dedicated servers for you.
>>In iceland most if not all iceland based (legal entity in
>>iceland, not just the servers) ISPs somehow depend on advania
>>datacenter, and for advania in the retail, non-customized sale of
>>their VMs and dedicated servers are very low in monthly traffic
>>compared to the fair-use policy of the non-profit ISP I am at
>>> Fun fact, US has quite a lot of exit relays, but France holds the
>>> consensus weight.
>>Another interesting fact - the person does not share these
>>analysis of course, or at least it's hard to get in touch
>>currently - is that in Netherlands a very large number of relays
>>is run by government agencies.
> So how do you know that for sure ?
> Have they confirmed that somewhere ?

If I don't forget about to add this to my todo list, I try to get
back in contact with the people and see if they have some kind of
dataset they are willing to share.
As far as I understood it at the end of last year, they run some
kind of audit on the nodes for their own safety, to check who
they can trust in their already bad situation as a group.


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