[tor-relays] new relay - not working right

Bruce Ganton bganton at tanglewood-cottage.ca
Tue Oct 13 14:18:04 UTC 2015

Hi all,

I have recently installed a new tor relay (non-exit) in a new vsp.  For
several days now its bandwidth, according to ARM, is in the bits/second
and there seems to be some problem reading its own torrc file.  Also,
while it had four connections for a while, there are none now.

Part of ARM quote:
	[ARM NOTICE] Read last day of bandwidth history from state file (-7502
seconds is missing)
	[ARM WARN] The torrc differs frm what tor's using.  You an issue a
sighup to reload the torrc values by pressing x. .....

and for good measure
	[ARM NOTICE] Tor is preventing system utiliites like netstat and lsof
from working.  This means arm can't provide you with connection

Sometimes I also get that the data directory is not configured but I
have left this commented out in the torrc file, being satisfied to use
the default.

I do get a "normal running" flag on tor stats and a bandwidth of zero.

While I am very familiar with Linux in general this install is on debian
which is new for me.

Any ideas on where I might start to sort this out would be appreciated.

Bruce Ganton

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