[tor-relays] new relay - not working right

Green Dream greendream848 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 13 20:47:53 UTC 2015

Hi. Thanks for running a relay.

> For several days now its bandwidth, according to ARM, is in the
> bits/second and there seems to be some problem reading its own
> torrc file.  Also, while it had four connections for a while, there are
> none now.

Regarding the low bandwidth and a low number of connections, this could be
typical for a new relay. Reference

> [ARM NOTICE] Read last day of bandwidth history from state file
> (-7502 seconds is missing)

This is normal in my experience. Arm is trying to read your node's
bandwidth history to populate the graphs with data collected before you
started Arm. I don't know why it fails, but you can squelch it by adding
the following config line to ~/.arm/armrc (or wherever you keep your armrc

  features.graph.bw.prepopulate false

> [ARM WARN] The torrc differs frm what tor's using.  You an issue a
> sighup to reload the torrc values by pressing x.

Pretty much what it sounds like; you edited torrc after starting up Arm. To
bring in the chages such that Arm is in sync, just press 'x' in Arm twice
and it will issue a HUP signal to the Tor process, which reloads the config.

> [ARM NOTICE] Tor is preventing system utiliites like netstat and lsof
> from working.  This means arm can't provide you with connection
> information

You need to add the following to /etc/tor/torrc if you want to utilize all
the features of Arm:

  DisableDebuggerAttachment 0

It's disabled by default for security (with a value of '1'), so think
carefully before doing this. It "reduces security by enabling debugger
attachment to the Tor process. This can be used by an adversary to extract
keys." (Quoting from https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/13880).
If you do enable the deubgger attachment for Arm, make sure your control
port is locked down (not reachable from the Internet or from other hosts
you don't control, etc.)

It does seem a little odd you're still at 0 bandwidth with no connections.
Without more data, it's hard to say what else might be going wrong (if
anything). What does /var/log/tor/log have to say? There should be some
lines in there that indicate if it's reachable from the internet.
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