[tor-relays] Tor Consensus Weight Stuck at 20 (Even on Relay with "Stable" Flag)

Speak Freely when2plus2is5 at riseup.net
Thu May 14 20:43:00 UTC 2015

A quick update regarding my guard-that-was-exit.

This relay, when it was an exit relay, never got past consensus weight
of 20. When I changed it to guard, the consensus weight immediately
jumped, and bandwidth was finally starting to be used. As usual, it
took a few days for full usage, but it did come.

Instead of measured bandwidth at 20b/s, it now read 45kb/s. Though arm
indicated the average speed was 7-11Mb/s.

A few hours ago I switched that relay back to exit, and so far
everything looks goodish. The measured bandwidth still says 45Kb/s.

I'm now averaging 10.6Mb/s, and have downloaded 16GB and uploaded 17GB
since my last email.

In arm, I lost my HSDir flag, but I have received Exit flag, and have
just over 500 exit connections and 1700 in/out connections.

The consensus weight, or anything for that matter, hasn't changed in
Atlas yet, but that's not terribly surprising. There were recent
changes in how/when Atlas report things now, right?

So... perhaps I just found a fix? Err... Workaround. This isn't a fix.

I'll take a look at doing this to the other relays to see if this
fixes the problem for them as well.

Maybe some other people can do the same thing to confirm?

1) Comment out your ExitPolicy accept rules
2) service tor restart
2) Run the relay as a middle/guard until you see in Atlas your
consensus weight rises - it should rise within a few hours, but seeing
as how your relay isn't working anyway - you can try to wait a day to
make sure all those bwauths pick you up.
3) Uncomment your ExitPolicy accept rules
4) service tor restart
5) Report your status back.

How exciting!

Speak Freely

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