[tor-relays] Tor Consensus Weight Stuck at 20 (Even on Relay with "Stable" Flag)

MLTorNode ml.tor.node at gmail.com
Thu May 14 18:10:28 UTC 2015

Ok, even my node 
after 7 days is not yet measured.
But what happens to Tor Network with all these nodes (> 1000) with 

> Hash: SHA512
> Speak Freely:
>>>  From my experience, this happens only with exit relays. Changing
>>> from
>> an exit relay to a guard fixes the problem immediately.
>> I've seen past threads that mentioned deleting your id key would
>> fix the problem, but that never fixed it for me. But that is also
>> counter-intuitive given that going from exit to guard while
>> keeping the same id fixes the problem. If I recall correctly, going
>> back to exit causes the problem to re-appear - I will see if I can
>> confirm that again with one of my guards-that-was-exit.
>> The common theme I keep seeing is that the bwauths need to fix
>> their systems, but beyond that, or which part of their system, I
>> don't know.
> thanks for that post. please add that (or a pointer to it) also in the
> trac bug entry.
> I4E+NzcxpSirSnFWXrTpP8IHMUGml9y0h/xo0i+SqFN12JbhrmBVHmwXwG0ymQLR
> JD1fFh+ogQ602GMEilKpY+jVbdP+nbMPmOzuYCdM6/pruotZ9MxTzeYBaScxOUzg
> fDaWBJFflDw9jI0o1S/AiGKHPL3gehVNkVsihsAtims9pIdItnTLg25EpLSn7D83
> fUO+h+Xc2J/9utmVXdD5nxhE6KR3wjcnUDvLofqmQpKj+FY1qdr3VSaRoWA2iI/f
> fFQR8ot2rui8DZKAMYM3Ss8vL4R5TZyGHkmCPEs6Vm781qSdVEikpmTsJZns/JpF
> 7B+OHovTtJtIYcl4/wDmVIm6YrstkSVsu9incjrNaOKvUlV7xn2OQGN3CT3cnr2C
> aPPcUZFM+MapR9d5KbZbUwLajxmWY2KoU/a0LF6tsURKFt2RiJYo56JrrI60HUnP
> b0GWq+Cflo+vTmiXmt2yXz47wJcp41Zjcxch7YGI7foL0/OaFMN+RIbbEot47LkY
> 82NBLuc0M5JDwClobv3S7qjySzBbatNwHQwxeOWtc++vuVxWuUNZIuOPRqP1RRH+
> SOiEJJnt5hcmSgIsl1bO9cM5ZBZyhIw2eMCU/9tz9KVr0UdQV0SJnwClYzAnMcqD
> X+ua7Hq2otDd8w/ntqZW
> =nK8I
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