[tor-relays] Hardware specs for Tor Relay

Sebastian Urbach sebastian at urbach.org
Thu Mar 26 20:33:32 UTC 2015

On March 26, 2015 8:59:45 PM yl <tor at yl.ms> wrote:


> Hello,
> I clicked myself a cheap vserver 20 days ago and it runs Tor since then.
> I mainly did this to play a bit with the relay, try around and so. I
> took over another relay a while ago, an exit, I don't want to try around
> on that.
> It runs well, I got about 4,4 TB data up AND down since then, I have it
> running with 20-40Mb/s on a 100Mb/s connection (according to the hoster
> 100Mb/s), it runs as a non exit. CPU load it pretty high all the time
> according to arm it's about 80-100%, but with htop I can see that only
> one core of the CPU is busy, the others are not.
> I figured that the CPU is so busy because the vserver doesn't have
> AES-NI, which I confirmed by some command I run (forgot the command).

Did you ask them if you can get it ? I had a VPS a while ago and they said 
"we disabled that for compatibility reasons" but if you want it we will 
turn it on. And they did it for free :-)

> So I thought I might wanna move that relay to another server, maybe at
> the same hoster to get higher data transfer.
> What hardware specs do you have and is my assumption correct with the
> AES-NI being one part of the bottleneck?

It is the no. 1 bottleneck from my experience. I still hope that we are 
going to see the crypto-multithreading feature at some point in the future.

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