[tor-relays] Undiagnosable Crashes in Relays

skyhighatrist skyhighatrist at tfwno.gf
Wed Mar 25 08:26:20 UTC 2015

Hello List,
I am wondering if anyone has had their relay randomly crash in the past
week or so. Three of mine (I run 6, nonexits) have fallen over. One of
them ~5 days ago, one of them ~4 days ago, and one of them earlier today

The logs indicate everything was operating normally, and the only reason
I noticed they had crashed was when I was checking what bandwidth
globe.torproject was measuring for them it said some were down.

The affected relays are as follows:

I have no idea why they all fell over, the last thing in the logs was
the usual "current status" output with some traffic measuring, seemingly
immediately afterwards, the process killed itself for no reason.

All of the affected relays are on DigitalOcean droplets. I intend to
launch more on EC2 in the near future, however, would like to know if
anyone else has experienced relay instability issues over the past few
days incase its something nasty like a denial of service attempt or
something. Nothing on the boxes indicates any kind of compromise, just
the usual bruteforce activity from the usual actors. I have decided to
start writing a "Shitty Monitoring System" to copy logs down to my
local box every hour or so and HUP tor at the same time as a kind of
countermeasure incase its simply a resource use issue or something,
however, would love to know if anyone else has been having similar
issues lately.

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