[tor-relays] Huge drop in consensus and bandwith usage

mattia sowdust at autistici.org
Tue Mar 10 20:40:00 UTC 2015

Hi everyone! I've been running a relay
( 0D14A4498E7D1854696CC07548653EA4CD3CB2DA ) for more about 3 weeks

Its lifecycle did not follow the path explained in the famous
"Lifecycle of a relay" blog post - I think because the same fingerprint
was previously used by the same server configured as a bridge.

My network capacity should be around 10Mbps (20Mbps nominal) in

While consensus and bandwith usage have been growing for the first days
and then got stable (more than 200KB/s), since two days both values
have been dropping extremely

The uptime is little because not knowing what to do I tried rebooting
the system - it did not help.

What could this be caused by? 
Thanks in advance


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