[tor-relays] OR port no longer reachable

Patrick Derwael patrick at derwael.be
Mon Jun 22 16:43:49 UTC 2015


I've been running a relay since many months without issue (Tor on
CentOS 6 fully patched)

Since a few weeks, my OR port is no longer reachable without apparent reason
(Dirport remains reachable on port 9030)


[warn] Your server (xx.xx.xx.xx:9001) has not managed to confirm that its
ORPort is reachable. Please check your firewalls, ports, address, /etc/hosts
file, etc.


Nothing changed on my network nor on the config...

Both Dir & OR port are open and routed properly (Nmap checked from the Net)

Selinux & firewalling are disabled, nothing but localhost in /etc/hosts...


I'm kinda puzzled... Could you tell me where I should investigate further?



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