[tor-relays] A bridge too far

jchase jchase at riseup.net
Mon Jun 29 19:58:14 UTC 2015

Thanks, isis, for your answer.
I restarted my bridge without the flags and it's been running 7 days and
still no stable flag back. Any experiments you can suggest?
-J Chase

> jchase transcribed 0.8K bytes:
>> Hello,
>> Can anybody help me figure out why my bridge has stopped showing the
>> flags fast, running and stable? Especially stable, I would love to get
>> that flag back. I run two bridges, on two different Rasp Pi's, the one
>> with a globe fingerprint of B08284109C72C81ACF5866A17A4CC64CE3E16499 .
>> The other with a globe fingerprint of
>> 1BCD3EBEFE17EEB86EEDE21D5E2DB8468E2864CF . The first bridge runs with
>> obfs 3 & 4 on a Pi 2. It seems I lost the stable flag around the time I
>> got obfs 4 up and running. The second bridge runs only with obfs 3 on an
>> older Pi.
>> I've read that the stable flag is quite handy. Any ideas about how I can
>> get it back?
>> Greetings,
>> J Chase
> Hi J,
> Your bridge B08284109C72C81ACF5866A17A4CC64CE3E16499 appears to have a current
> uptime of about 50 hours, and to have the Stable flag, according to
> dir-spec.txt, [0] it must have:
>    "Stable" -- A router is 'Stable' if it is active, and either its Weighted
>    MTBF is at least the median for known active routers or its Weighted MTBF
>    corresponds to at least 7 days.
> Meaning that you probably just need to let the bridge run for a few more days,
> and it'll get its Stable flag back.
> Also, for what it's worth, BridgeDB will still distribute your bridge, even if
> it doesn't have the Stable flag.  The only required flag for your bridge to
> get distributed is the Running flag.  However, you are correct that having the
> Stable flag is useful, because BridgeDB, when distributing some bridges to a
> user, will try pretty hard to make sure that at least one of the bridges has
> the Stable flag.  So, with the Stable flag, you've got a better chance of
> being distributed to clients more often, but it's not strictly necessary to
> have it, especially for a bridge like yours with small bandwidth and CPU.
> [0]: https://gitweb.torproject.org/torspec.git/tree/dir-spec.txt?id=26929b8c55547f646b4bd16011f06dbc97e64953#n1955

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