[tor-relays] False exit abuse from server4you

Tom van der Woerdt info at tvdw.eu
Sun Jun 7 11:04:45 UTC 2015

Let's hope so, as Unmetered hosts a pretty significant amount of exit 

Several of my exits run there and I too received the abuse 
notifications. I've contacted Unmetered for clarification and will 
return to this thread as soon as I hear more.

The way unmetered has always handled abuse traffic is simple: customer 
gets 3 days to respond to the message, or the server gets temporarily 
disconnected. I don't think there's any human interaction with abuse 
reports on their side.


Tim Semeijn schreef op 07/06/15 om 12:06:
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> Company unmetered.com (used to be running under PlusServer which is a
> 'premium' brand of Intergenia but now seems to be running on link11
> network) did and probably still does allow Tor Exit nodes to be run on
> their services. How they handled the generated abuse from these nodes
> 'upstream' is the big question.
> On 7-6-2015 10:29, Josef 'veloc1ty' Stautner wrote:
>> Intergenia AG does not tolerate TOR nodes in any form. They listed
>> them quite a time in their AGB's.
>> Am 7. Juni 2015 09:55:14 MESZ, schrieb "Dr. Who"
>> <drwho at posteo.is>:
>>> Fun fact of the week, I got this abuse email on friday:
>>> "Dear Customer, we've detected that you're running a TOR Exit
>>> Node on your machine. Please understand, that we cannot tolerate
>>> such a service on our infrastructure. Please ensure, that this
>>> service is disabled as soon as possible. Best Regards Your
>>> Intergenia Abuse Team"
>>> followed by over 6000 IPv4 numbers including one of my relay
>>> server.
>>> First I find it a privacy violation for those other users who
>>> might run any form of tor beeing found on an abuse email to me.
>>> It should have listed only my own IP number.
>>> Secondly I think they should be able to differate between exit
>>> and relay servers.
>>> I'm eager to hear their response on Monday. Either they keep
>>> relays running or I quit, monthly payment is a good idea in that
>>> case.
>>> Just letting you know...
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