[tor-relays] non exit relay shows up as exit in arm connections

Maximilian Kaul tor at maximiliankaul.de
Thu Jun 4 17:05:08 UTC 2015

I just set up my first relay and as I'm living in Germany it needs to be
a non exit relay :-(
However in arm -> connections it shows up as "exit" in the last column.

>From my configuration /etc/tor/torrc
ExitPolicy reject *:*

This is also confirmed by the head row of arm which contains the entry

exit policy: reject *:*

So the only thing that confuses me is the arm connections view. Is this
a bug or do I simply misunderstand the tool?
I googled for this but I only found another unanswered question.

The relays fingerprint is

And globe.torproject.org says that it is not a exit relay but the
information there is old (I changed the ORPort and DirPort listing
several hours ago).

Sorry for the noise but I really want to be sure.


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