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Tue Jun 2 06:55:25 UTC 2015

On Tue, 2 Jun 2015 05:28:07 +0000
isis <isis at torproject.org> wrote:

> Somehow, possibly due to one of the above-mentioned bugs, your tor and
> BridgeDB both seem to think that you're *only* listening on IPv4… so
> I'm a bit confused by what netstat is telling you…

It's a Linux-ism.  Binding to [::] will bind to both IPv4 and IPv6.
It's initially confusing behavior, but harmless/useful (in this case
more useful than anything else).

I don't think I'll change this, though I could.

> > I can put my bridge line into TBB and try and use it for obfs4;
> > seems to work. But actually finding that bridge line wasn't
> > straightforward (cat /var/lib/tor/pt_state/obfs4_bridgeline.txt and
> > then edit the fields, right?) And it doesn't help for obfs3.
> Would it be easier, perhaps, if obfs4proxy were to also put your
> obfs3 (and/or scramblesuit) bridge lines into that file?  (I thought
> it already did this, but I must be wrong.)
> You had to edit it?

The bridge line file only dumps the obfs4 bridge line because it's the
transport with PT generated arguments (well, Dust2 will have them, but
that's not merged yet).

The missing information that I have as "fill this in with the correct
values" in there aren't provided to PTs at all (Eg: The fingerprint,
and the inbound IP address).  The fingerprint could be provided to PTs,
the inbound IP address probably won't ever be because Tor doesn't know
it at PT init time, and our code for guessing it needs a lot of love.

> I agree that all of the FAQ-ish questions you've just mentioned
> should be somewhere, easily accessible, on the website.  I've created
> ticket #16261 for updating the "Running a Bridge" portion of the
> bridges.html page, [3] but I'm totally open to suggestions if people
> think the documentation should go into the FAQ page, or on a wiki
> page (or link to a wiki page, so that it's easier for community
> members to contribute tips and ideas), or somewhere else.

mrphs wrote up this a while back:


Yawning Angel
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