[tor-relays] Consensus weight dropped

Bram de Boer list-tor-relays at nosur.com
Sat Jan 31 19:54:42 UTC 2015


Consensus weight of my relays and those of others is still near zero, and
not improving. For a network that attempts to break censorship, it is
peculiar that this is getting so little attention.

Apparently a few malfunctioning bwauth systems is enough to censor
specific Tor relays. Endless research and development effort is put in
tweaking and optimizing the relay-to-relay communication, but having only
a few systems in the world that determine the consensus weight of the
entire network does not seem to trouble anyone. Wierd.

I hope the bwauth operators can find a way to correct the problem. I am
feeling silly spending good money on a high-end server with unmetered
bandwidth that has now been relaying a whopping 300 Kb/s on average during
the last five weeks.


> Thank you all for looking into this.
> Karsten wrote:
>> You could start a second relay on the same physical machine on a
>> different port and see whether the bandwidth scanners pick that up.
>> Give it a day or two, and see if only tor26 and moria1 measure it.
> In fact, both the 7C3AE76BB9E9E6E4F2AE9270FD824DF54A944127 and
> E6D740ABFFAAAD8052EDF95B2C8DC4059763F365 relays operate on the same IP
> address. Both dropped to 0.000000%.
> However, other nodes in the same AS16265 are doing fine (e.g.
> B144DC5C08AF1FB3ABD729AFC2CF938CF63F78AC). This seems to suggest that the
> route between the bwauths and the relay is irrelevant and connectivity is
> not an issue.
> I can imagine that an overloaded bwauth occasionally skips a few relays.
> But wouldn't that be corrected automatically during the measurement the
> next day? Given that the relays are missing votes consistently during many
> consecutive days, some other mechanism must be causing this.
> Would a quick-fix be to randomize the order in which relays are measured?
> That way, if a bwauth has trouble processing the entire list in 24h, every
> day other relays are given a chance?
> Thanks,
> Bram
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