[tor-relays] Consensus weight dropped

Bram de Boer list-tor-relays at nosur.com
Wed Jan 21 17:52:58 UTC 2015

Thank you all for looking into this.

Karsten wrote:
> You could start a second relay on the same physical machine on a
> different port and see whether the bandwidth scanners pick that up.
> Give it a day or two, and see if only tor26 and moria1 measure it.

In fact, both the 7C3AE76BB9E9E6E4F2AE9270FD824DF54A944127 and
E6D740ABFFAAAD8052EDF95B2C8DC4059763F365 relays operate on the same IP
address. Both dropped to 0.000000%.

However, other nodes in the same AS16265 are doing fine (e.g.
B144DC5C08AF1FB3ABD729AFC2CF938CF63F78AC). This seems to suggest that the
route between the bwauths and the relay is irrelevant and connectivity is
not an issue.

I can imagine that an overloaded bwauth occasionally skips a few relays.
But wouldn't that be corrected automatically during the measurement the
next day? Given that the relays are missing votes consistently during many
consecutive days, some other mechanism must be causing this.

Would a quick-fix be to randomize the order in which relays are measured?
That way, if a bwauth has trouble processing the entire list in 24h, every
day other relays are given a chance?


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