[tor-relays] Someone broke the tor-relay speed record?

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Fri Jan 2 13:32:47 UTC 2015

On Wed, Dec 31, 2014 at 4:11 AM, Justaguy <justaguy at riseup.net> wrote:
> https://globe.thecthulhu.com/#/relay/F528DED21EACD2E4E9301EC0AABD370EDCAD2C47
> Someone just got 149.08 MB/s on a non-exit relay.
> This is amazing!
> Would you mind saying what kind of hardware you use for this?
> Ipredator used https://ipredator.se/guide/torserver to get to 101MB/s.
> So your setup should be even more extreme.

Not within any definition of sane expenditure...

The i7-4790k is Intel's highest clocked processor, ever.
It's also Intel's current highest single thread performer.
i7-4790k   4 x 4.0ghz cores = 1600  8mb  32gb ddr3-1600  88w  $340 tsx-ni
(1960 as OC'd by IPredator.)
IPredator put a 10gbps nic in there and is moving only 800mbps OC'd
(or 655mbps stock. Which is 165mbps/core, or 220mbps/core if
isolcpus=1,2,3). Assume for moment this is cpu saturation. To do
better you have to buy more core x ghz results like:

i7-5930k   6 x 3.5ghz cores = 2100 15mb  64gb ddr4-2133 140w  $580
So that's 1155mbps using all 6. Plus the more cache and much faster
ram. And with good tor and os optimizations, you could probably hit

i7-5820k   6 x 3.3ghz cores = 1980 15mb  64gb ddr4-2133 140w  $390
So that's 1090mbps plus.

(ram for the above two: $420  32gb 4x8 ddr4-2133, non-OC)

e5-2697v3 14 x 2.6ghz cores = 3640 35mb 768gb ddr4-2133 145w $2800
would fill 2000mbps plus.

If you only need to fill 1000mbps, or however much bandwidth under
that you're buying, just find the cheapest core x ghz that does

While IPredator and their build may be "cool", it fails to ROI,
thus it's completely pointless to build. They wasted...


Capital cost:

- Water cooling to get 22.5% clock over stock. (More common/free
OC gains are the low end of 5-18%.) You could simply pay $240 more
for the i7-5930k and get more core x ghz performance than they did,
without overclocking. (Overclocking is also by definition a risk
to data/lifetime). Or pay $50 more and still get more. (Both assuming
ram and other resources aren't used up due to two more core of tor
$1110 radiator (IPredator quoted $1570)
$55 flow meter (IPredator qooted $50)
$30 connectors, estimated qty 2 x $15
$100 coolant, qty 5 x $20 (IPredator quoted $120)
$25 tubing coil
$5 clamps, estimated qty 10
$95 waterblock
$15 paste (IPredator quoted $25)
wasted: $1435 low to $1920 high

- Ram
$1000 32gb 4x8 ddr3-2800, equivalent brand (IPredator quoted $1550)
$280  32gb 4x8 ddr3-1600, non-OC
wasted: $720 low to $1270 high

- Case
$730 5u case (IPredator quoted $660, saved $70)
$300 1u case
wasted: $360 low to $430 high

- Motherboard
$25 estimated economy vs. enthusiast savings
wasted: $25

total capital wasted: $2540 low to $3645 high
net performance gain vs. other capital options: zero or less

$760 10G-PCIE2-8C2-2S (IPredator quoted $660, saved $100)
$440 E10G42BTDA is it comparable? if so that's another $320 wasted

(Total cost IPredator quoted: $5420)

Ongoing rent cost:

- 4u on the chassis (1u required + 4u wasted)
- 3u on the radiator
wasted: 7u

Enthusias[m|t] is great, Tor could use some, and I've no want to
diminish that... but back in the real world away from the show...
if you just ran the i7-5930k stock in a barebones 1U, you'd have
enough capital left to buy 2 more servers and enough rent to feed
them at least some internet.

(IPredator failed to quote in their review the amount of bandwidth
purchased, the price/megabit, and thier cpu load at a given megabit.
This makes it harder to fully analyze. Please post cpu load @ mbps

Moral: Operators... please don't waste your Tor budget on silly
enthusiast crap. I'd also suggest testing FreeBSD.

If you want to run real Tor contests, try for...
- most bandwidth per node cost (depth, as above)
- most usable nodes per cost (breadth)
- etc

And if you want me to win them, or this saved you $$$, donate here :-)
btc 1BbEqMvEdsKiPuRT75HGrjZP8zqquamBPn

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