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Green Dream greendream848 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 7 21:49:24 UTC 2015

Thanks for the reply.

I had already run tests with both speedtest-cli and iperf3. This server
consistently achieves 200 to 300 Mb/s in both directions, with both relays
still running, and on some runs is hitting over 800 Mb/s.

The BWauth and self-measured bandwidths make no sense to me. Watching arm,
the averages are always in the X Mb/s range. I've watched these relays
serve 10 - 15 Mb/s each, 20 - 30 Mb/s in parallel, during busy times. Right
now one is running 1.6 Mb/s average and the other at 2.5 Mb/s, having
started these two arm instances about 2 hours ago. I don't find these
numbers to be very impressive given the capacity of the connection, but
they're still several orders of magnitude better than the measured
bandwidth. I don't understand the discrepancy.

I'm not using the ISP-provided router. It's not a consumer-grade router
either. I hesitate to list the specific model here, but according to its
specifications it shouldn't have a problem with the load, and indeed it
doesn't appear to be struggling at all.

In terms of optimizing the server, I've followed Moritz's guide. It doesn't
appear to be dropping connections. At one point I had 5000+ established
connections. The CPU and RAM are getting a work-out for sure, but neither
is maxed.

If there's a bottleneck on my side, I'm not sure where it is. What else
should I be checking? And why is actual performance in Mb/s so much higher
than the measured bandwidth? By the way, where are you finding the
historical BWauth and self-measured bandwidths?
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