[tor-relays] Guard flag flapping

starlight.2015q3 at binnacle.cx starlight.2015q3 at binnacle.cx
Fri Aug 7 20:55:24 UTC 2015

Both relays are showing low BWauth-measured
bandwidth and are below the 2000 threshold
for the Guard flag.

Recently BWauths were offline and the
consensus algorithm reverted to self-
measure.  During that period the relays
were above the 2000 threshold and
were assigned Guard.

But even the self-measure was very low
for a gigabit link in a tier-1 network

Some more tuning work is probably needed
to get performance up higher.  Possibly
network issues are at work.  If a low-end
consumer-grade router or firewall is in
the picture, it could be the cause of
the problem.

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