[tor-relays] Windows Tor Server Guide

Logforme m7527 at abc.se
Fri Oct 31 14:49:27 UTC 2014

Click on the "Download" button on torproject.org. This brings you to the
"easy" download page with just the browser bundle. Click on the "View
All Downloads" link to get all available options:

On 2014-10-31 09:18, Rafael Rodriguez wrote:
> Hello fellows,
> Where can we contribute (post a guide) to deploy Tor in Windows
> without the extras unneeded stuff? I was looking for a Tor Server
> installation guide on Windows to run Tor as a service. I did not
> wanted to install all the extra browser stuff but a plain "Tor server"
> service and secure it by giving the service its own limited account
> and write permissions just to the datadir. Since I couldn't find
> information online to help me out, I ended up using the latest Tor
> Browser package and removing everything except Tor itself and deployed
> it in two Windows servers as services. I would like to post somewhere
> in the Top project about the process for others to benefit from it.
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