[tor-relays] Windows Tor Server Guide

Rafael Rodriguez rafaelr at icctek.com
Fri Oct 31 08:18:07 UTC 2014


Hello fellows, 

Where can we contribute (post a guide) to deploy Tor in Windows without
the extras unneeded stuff? I was looking for a Tor Server installation
guide on Windows to run Tor as a service. I did not wanted to install
all the extra browser stuff but a plain "Tor server" service and secure
it by giving the service its own limited account and write permissions
just to the datadir. Since I couldn't find information online to help me
out, I ended up using the latest Tor Browser package and removing
everything except Tor itself and deployed it in two Windows servers as
services. I would like to post somewhere in the Top project about the
process for others to benefit from it. 
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