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Colin Mahns colinmahns at riseup.net
Fri Oct 17 19:36:55 UTC 2014

It looks like Kickstarter has suspended the project. 



On October 15, 2014 9:47:09 AM EDT, isis <isis at torproject.org> wrote:
>Sven Reissmann transcribed 2.4K bytes:
>> Hi there,
>> I recently read about the anonbox project [1], a small
>> which allows end-users to connect their whole LAN to the Tor network.
>> The project is on kickstarter at the moment [2].
>> Has there already been a discussion on how this might affect the
>> performance of the Tor network?
>Yes and no.
>One of the Anonabox developers, August Germar, posted to their
>page that the distributed Anonaboxes would have a checkout option to be
>relays/bridges by default. [0] Colin Mahns responded to this, [1]
>pointing out
>some of my recent discussions with Mike Perry and others on the tor-dev
>on scaling the Tor network. [2] [3] (And August Germar responded in
>Reddit AMA. [4])
>I agree with Colin that the Anonabox folks seem to be well-intentioned.
>However, the network effects, were these routers to be distributed, and
>were a
>majority of them to be configured as relays by default, would likely be
>harmful due to the low bandwidth of most residential connections.
>That said, I think that everyone here would welcome the chance for a
>pocket-sized FLOSS router which enforces safe Tor usage. If that is
>goal, and they are able to communicate honestly with users, I'd like to
>them succeed. Particularly if it means someone else does hardware
>since that's not really my jam. :)
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