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It's often complicated to find a new DSL router modem without loosing ISP's services like VoIP and dsl TV. But you have to do that in order not to encourage a bad work that doesn't deserve anything apart from garbage and "booo !!"s from customers.

They are using standards protocols and open source project in order to design their products, and once it's designed thanks to other's free work, they lock and damage everything that is open source and standard, and ask money for taking hostage of VoIP and dsl's TV services on it.

And worst, it's absolutely not working well, you do not control any update, sometimes you cannot use it with another ISP, you don't know what your ISP have placed on it, and this have an access to everything that is available on your local network (without being paranoid, it's a matter of principle)

Take another well known product from well known trademarks
Linksys, D-Link, Netgear, Sitecom, TP-Link, or something compatible with OpenWRT for example.

You can also take an unlimited SIP - VoIP service for cheap, and use something like CISCO SPA122 for converting SIP protocol into RJ11 sockets (in order to keep your today's phone equipement).

If you already have something but bad WiFi for example, disable this WiFi and buy some faster or better WiFi modules that you can connect to your LAN, where it's useful to add WiFi signal.

But, at the end, may be you can find better informations on specialized websites.

Good luck !

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Hello guys,

I'm hosting a tor relay at home.
My router is a Fritz-Box  (this one: http://avm.de/service/fritzbox/fritzbox-7362-sl/uebersicht/ ) and the internet connections is really unstable.
Frequently the connection breaks. Not only to the internet, also the local network is down till the router reboots.
Is there a better solution for routing a DSL connection?
A better router or a way to replace the router with the computer running the tor node.
Any hint is appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Another question:
If I'm acessing my side through a .onion address theres no need for ssl/https as the traffic is encrypted anyways, right?
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