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Chris Whittleston transcribed 5.0K bytes:
> I'm right in thinking that running scramblesuit is not going to do anything
> for a middle relay correct?


Pluggable Transports are (normally) used for hiding that one is speaking the
Tor protocol (also they could be used to disguise any protocol). [0] A middle
relay, or any normal non-bridge relay, is listed in the consensus, meaning
that anyone who looks at the consensus already knows you're speaking Tor.

All of that said, scramblesuit and obfs4 both have some interesting
protections against traffic fingerprinting via timing correlations and packet
size distributions, meaning that (if there were a way to do this) relays could
use PTs between them to protect against some correlations. Doing this would be
super weird. No one has done yet, to my knowledge, a security analysis of how
running PTs in between normal relays would change things. That analysis would
be really interesting.

[0]: See https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/AChildsGardenOfPluggableTransports
     for visual explanation of how some of the different PTs change your

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