[tor-relays] Bridge Operators - Heartbleed, Heartwarming, and Increased Help

David Stainton dstainton415 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 25 10:09:49 UTC 2014

> Let us know if/when obfsproxy runs on CentOS.

Why would anyone want to use CentOS?
Obviously this is a rhetorical question since there isn't a good
reason to use CentOS
instead of say Debian... AND if someone gave me access to thousands of
CentOS servers
for the purpose of running tor relays I would immediately want to
change their distro to Debian.

> Even better, if/when it is back to being written in C, instead of
> version-specfic Python.  That will increase obfsproxy use  more than any
> heartfelt request.

um yeah sure... it may even perform faster... but there are other
considerations in choosing a language to development in.
Is C considered a secure language? Is it easy to write "secure" code
in C? No... it's not.
Also development time is generally longer.

Right now there are lots of pluggable transports being written for the
obfsproxy python api;
here are some of them:

We need a low development time for writing PTs... because all the
current PTs in theory could get blocked by fascist censorship
regimes.... and then we'll have to write new PTs or modify existing

> On 04/23/2014 02:32 AM, Matthew Finkel wrote:
>> Lastly, if you are not already running the obfsproxy pluggable
>> transport[1] (i.e.  obfs3) on your bridge, please follow the Debian
>> instructions[2] (for a Debian-based system) on the website and install
>> it.
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