[tor-relays] Relay Hibernation and Wake Up Questions

Nik nskinkel at iastate.edu
Fri Apr 4 13:46:40 UTC 2014


I'm somewhat new to running relays and have a couple separate but
related questions about the hibernation and waking up process.

1)  I have AccountingMax and AccountingStart set (to '1850 GB' and
'month 3 15:00', respectively).  Yesterday, the last day of the
accounting period, my relay went into hibernation at around 7:00.  I
started running this relay just last month, however, and it had only
used approximately 440 GB of the AccountingMax quota.  Tor then tried to
wake up at 15:00.  Is it expected behavior with Accounting{Max,Start} to
hibernate on the last/first day of the period even if you're under quota?

2)  I have the relay configured to run on port 443.  When Tor woke up,
it was unable to bind to 443, and so the relay stayed down.  Again, is
this known/expected behavior that if a relay is set to run on a
privileged port it needs human/root intervention to re-bind after

By the way, I'm running Debian Stable and using the system packages, so
I have (I'm assuming) an old-ish version of Tor (2.3.25).

Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere before.


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