[tor-relays] exit and skype

David Carlson david.carlson.417 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 11 14:21:40 UTC 2013

On 11/10/2013 5:37 AM, Thomas Hand wrote:
> This is true. Some websites download lists of all relays and just mass
> block the ips. Its usually webmasters who have no idea how tor works
> and don't realise that a middle relay poses them no threat whatsoever.
> This is why education is best. If someone is blocking your IP, just
> email them explaining how tor works and try to convince them that your
> IP is no threat.
If a web commerce provider is summarily blocking every IP address on his
copy of the list, chances are that they will not change to a policy of
only blocking exit addresses, as that takes extra thinking.

Of course such a list goes out of date faster than a phone book.  That
is another reason that using a list is an exercise in futility.  Even
more thought required to see that.

Thus it would be hit or miss to try to access their website using Tor. 
If they do not respond to a suggestion that they learn more about Tor, a
better choice is either to move on to a competitive website or to move
our relay (exit or not) to a different IP address.  Those options are
already on the table in this thread. 

The situation would change if Tor became the normal means of accessing
Internet commerce websites.

> On Nov 10, 2013 8:27 AM, "Sebastian G. <bastik.tor>"
> <bastik.tor at googlemail.com <mailto:bastik.tor at googlemail.com>> wrote:
>     10.11.2013 07:56, gq:
>     > Dave,
>     >
>     > Unless I am mistaken, your non-exit relay never connects to a
>     web page.
>     > Only exit relays do that, so it can't be your IP that is blocked but
>     > whatever exit relay you may be connecting through.
>     The original problem seemed to be that Skype rejects connection
>     attempts
>     from exits. In the mentioned case someone tried to make a call
>     from one
>     of the exits (the same machine with the same IP address) without
>     using Tor.
>     Unless I am getting the reply you replied to wrong, the same may
>     happen
>     when one runs a non-exit relay and tries to connect from the same
>     machine to a service that blocks the Tor network, whenever the traffic
>     comes form an exit or not. (One reason could be, not knowing that
>     there
>     is a difference, or just to be sure there's no trouble, or that's just
>     the default [third-party]list they always use for blocking without
>     carrying what's on the list)

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