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Sat Nov 9 20:52:59 UTC 2013

If you have 50 down and 10 up, then the 10 is your number. The lower of the two. 
As a relay, all data you receive, you send out again. So you have 1280 KB of 
potential relay capacity. 

Your ISP probably has a FUP you may violate if you constantly use up all your 

You could set your RelayBandwidthBurst to 1024 KB 
and your RelayBandwidthRate to 256 KB.

It's normal that a new relay gets little use. It takes time to gain more use 
which will increase your consensus weight which in turn gets you more use. 


On Nov 9, 2013, at 19:59 , Oliver Schönefeld wrote:

> hey folks
> i'm having some issues with my bandwidth...
> my ISP is offering 50 Mbps downstream 10 Mbps up, so i thought i'd share 20 Mbps max and 15 Mbps avg (respectively 2560 KBps max and 1920 KBps avg) in a inner tor-relay.
> so i put the latter vaues in the bandwith-limits tab of the sharing options in vidalia with the download speed set to custom.
> However the tor metrics indicate an advertised bandwith of 317,44 KBps and the worldmap of vidalia even shows just 20 KBps :(
> So my question is now:
> Can this be improved and if so, what should i do about it?
> Or is this maybe because the relay isn't even up 24 hrs and the bandwith will level in somehow later?
> thx 4 any advice in advance,
> 1v3ry
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