[tor-relays] What's wrong with TorStatus?

Steve Snyder swsnyder at snydernet.net
Fri Jan 11 01:29:44 UTC 2013

The TorStatus pages at rueckgr.at and all.de have stopped reflecting the 
actual state of the Tor relays.

The page at rueckgr.at displays uptime as the length of time between 04 
Jan and now, regardless of the actual history of the relays.  The page 
at all.de is even worse, calculating uptime as the days since 06 Dec 
2012.  The former shows no less than uptime of 6 days and the latter 
shows every relay as having 35+ days of uptime.

The page at blutmagie.de has an accurate representation of relay 
uptimes, but their bandwidth stats are always inaccurate, so there 
really is no single TorStatus page that one can look at to get an 
accurate view of Tor relays.

What's going on with TorStatus?

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