[tor-relays] DFRI is running two sponsored exits

Linus Nordberg linus at nordberg.se
Mon Nov 26 00:27:39 UTC 2012

Hi Moritz,

DFRI [1] is running two relays, DFRI0 and DFRI3, which should qualify as
fast relays as defined by sponsor j. (They were just recently bumped
From 10 MB to 12.5 MB. They both have an exit policy allowing the ports
explicitly required on

We'd love to be able to get some funds for this which would make it
possible for us to run more exit traffic. We only have one /24 network
to run exit traffic from atm though so this is all we can do for now
without breaking the stated diversity rules. (Anybody sitting on an IPv4
/24 PI that we can borrow for a year or so? We'd handle it with care!)

We could technically run bridges too but we would have to discuss this
internally some more first. Do we really want to take money for running
entry _and_ exit relays? Isn't that exactly how you'd attack Tor users
if you had the power, by controlling entry and exit? If we've missed
some public discussion on this topic, please point us at it.

[1] https://dfri.se/index.en/

Linus, DFRI

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