[tor-relays] Guidance on 0.2.2-to-0.2.3 migration?

Bryon Eldridge barkerjr at barkerjr.net
Sat Jun 30 01:21:43 UTC 2012

> What changes can/should be made to a working v0.2.2 torrc for best 0.2.3
> operation?
> What are the major changes (SMP? IPv6? memory/CPU requirements?) that should
> be considered when establishing a new relay?

I'm interested in this, too.  2.3 is supposed to use less CPU if you
have new versions of OpenSSL.  There's no practical IPv6 support.
NumCPUs now defaults to use all your CPUs, so set it if that's not
desirable, or remove it if it is and you had it explicitely in your

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