[tor-qa] Tor Bowser 5.0.1 is ready for testing

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Mon Aug 17 10:03:53 UTC 2015


Tor Browser 5.0.1 is ready for testing. Bundles can be found at


The only thing these bundles fix is a crash bug which slipped
throughduring our alpha cycle and QA. For details see:

There are reports the crash happens on Google Maps with steps like

"1. Open Tor Browser
2. Go to Google Maps (maps.google.com)
3. Edit the URL to be .com instead of whatever ccTLD I landed on
4. search for something
5. click a marker
6. drag around
7. Repeat 5-7 until crash, usually takes 5-45 seconds."

However, it might be easier to test whether this bug is fixed if you
omit step 3.

Tumblr seems to be affected as well. Testing there using the following
steps might help, too:

"After logged into tumblr, infinite scrolling down causes TBB 5 for
Linux x64 to crash after about 2-3 pages."


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