[tor-qa] Experimental 3.5.2 bundles with tor-fw-helper (trial 2)

David Fifield david at bamsoftware.com
Sat Feb 15 21:20:34 UTC 2014

(Devs are in Iceland, post bundles.)

Here are revised bundles in response to some of the problems we've seen
so far (thanks especially to Lunar).


The changes relative to 3.5.2-fwhelper-1:
 * NAT-PMP is completely disabled and removed. it didn't seem to be
   working (maybe it is only for Apple routers), and we saw one of
   libnatpmp's programs segfault (though not tor-fw-helper itself).
 * The client is forced to use IPv4 with the -4 option. Though
   flashproxy-client supports IPv6, and IPv6 can sometimes work to get
   around NAT, tor-fw-helper only does IPv4 port forwardings, and that's
   what we're trying to test. We encountered a problem where the
   external IPv6 address was being registered, rather than the IPv4
   address that was forwarded.
 * Uses a static port 9000 for the external listener, instead of an
   ephemeral port. This is to make it easier for testers to clean up
   their port forwarding table, because tor-fw-helper appears to leave
   the forwardings active.

Like before, you just have to click "Connect" and wait up to 60 seconds.
You don't have to do any special tests; just see whether it bootstraps
or not.

These bundles are still nothing close to a release candidate. We'll need
to find a way to limit how long port forwarding lasts, at least, and
make sure that the UPnP library is safe to deploy.

Changes relative to master:
Changes relative to 3.5.2-fwhelper-1:

David Fifield

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