[tor-qa] TBB 3.6 is ready for testing

Mike Perry mikeperry at torproject.org
Sun Apr 27 14:18:00 UTC 2014

TBB 3.6 is ready for testing. Barring any major issues, we are planning
on calling this the new 'stable' release of TBB on Tuesday, to coincide
with Mozilla's security update:

Here's the changelog:
 * All Platforms
   * Update Firefox to 24.5.0esr
   * Update Tor Launcher to
     * Bug #11482: Hide bridge settings prompt if no default bridges.
     * Bug #11484: Show help button even if no default bridges.
   * Update Torbutton to
     * Bug 7439: Improve download warning dialog text.
     * Bug 11384: Completely remove hidden toggle menu item.
   * Update HTTPS-Everywhere to 3.5.1
   * Update NoScript to
   * Update obfs3 transport to 0.2.8
   * Update fte transport to 0.2.13
   * Backport Pending Tor Patches:
     * Bug 11156: Additional obfsproxy startup error message fixes
   * Bug 11586: Include license files for component software in Docs directory.
 * Windows and Mac:
   * Bug 9308: Prevent install path from leaking in some JS exceptions
               on Mac and Windows builds

Mike Perry
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