[tor-qa] TBB QA: tor-

Lutz Horn tichodroma at posteo.de
Sat Jun 9 15:57:50 UTC 2012


Am 09.06.2012 um 15:09 schrieb Runa A. Sandvik:
> You have until June 10th 2012 13:00 GMT to test and report back.

I've tested TorBrowser-2.2.37-1-osx-x86_64-de under Mac OS X 10.7.4 on an iMac with a 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5 CPU.

• "TBB Launches successfully": OK
• "Connects to the Tor network": OK
• "Browser toolbars and menus work. Tab dragging works.": OK
• "All extensions are present and functional": OK
  - HTTPS-Everywhere 2.0.5
  - NoScript 2.4.4
  - Torbutton 1.4.6
• "Web browsing works as expected. See Test Pages."
  - HTTP, HTTPS, .onion browsing works
  - HTML5 videos (YT) works
  - http://html5demos.com/web-socket is either "not connected" or "Socket closed"
  - Evercookies remain (windowData mechanism) even after deleting the whole cache and using a new identity

Summary: no problems found so far. Evercookie might be a privacy issue.



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