[tor-project] DEMO DAY at the end of March? Please send us your proposal

Gaba gaba at torproject.org
Tue Feb 22 19:49:16 UTC 2022


We are going to have our next demo day at the end of March! Please
submit your proposals to


Tor Demo Day - March 23rd 2022

What is a Demo Day?

An hour long session at an all hands meeting where different people
present 5 minutes ideas, tools, hacking or anything that they think it
may be interesting for the Tor  community.

- We call for presenters a month before the demo day.
- The agenda will be set before the meeting and will be shared with
- We want 5 to 8 minutes length presentations. We will handle questions
at the end of all presentations.
- Slides are allowed, but not mandatory. You may share your screen or a
pre-recorded video if that makes you less anxious.
- We like the adrenaline of the live presentations, but if they wish,
presenters can share pre-recorded videos with us. They should be sent a
few hours in advance and will be lined up and shared with assistants
during the session.
- This is a place where people should feel safe to engage, share their
point of view, and participate. Read our Code of Conduct:

- Anyone who wants to share what they have been hacking on. It doesn't
need to be a finished feature but a work in progress. It can be small
like a Tor Browser feature or something you have been hacking around Tor
not officially.
- Presenters have 5 to 8 minutes. People can ask questions via text in
the pad for 3 minutes.


The link to a room in our BBB instance will be sent a few hours before
starting the demo day.


Wednesday March 23rd at 1600 UTC

- 5 min for the presentation
- 3 min for questions

Questions will be written in text on the pad in any time during the
presentation. Presenters will answer them in audio.

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