[tor-project] May 18th Meeting Notes for SPONSOR 58 - Tor Browser Security, Performance, & Usability Improvements

Gaba gaba at torproject.org
Mon May 18 18:59:48 UTC 2020


We are meeting every Monday at 18UTC via voice in a BBB room to
coordinate the work related to Sponsor 58, where we are completing the
migration of Tor Browser for Android from ​Fennec to ​Fenix. You can
read more about it at

Parent ticket: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/33664
Wiki page:

If you want to participate in this meetings please send us a message
about how to join.

The pad we are using is: https://pad.riseup.net/p/_kbebKhZvNcUuqxQL5NV

And here are the pad's notes:


    please own a ticket when you start working on it.


 (any block from last week review, reviews not assigned yet) -> #27105
and #30832 not ready yet but geko will start reviewing it. -> #33932 and
#34013 will be taken by ahf.
    Look at what people need help with.

Status updates:

  Last week:
    - finished all of the toolchain migration for projects already in
tor-browser-build and addressed first review comments)
      (#34187, #33626, #33973, #33564, #33561, #33563, #33558, #33559)
    - made progress on review of acat's rebase work (#33533)
    - looked a bit over dependencies we want to keep/rip out (#33939)
  This week:
    - wire up geckoview into fenix
    - update android-components build patch and wire custom one into
fenix as well
    - finish review of acat's rebase work (#33533)
  Blocked on decision for #33939

  Last week:
    - #30832: Fix tor-browser tbb-tests
    - Tested fix for https://github.com/EFForg/https-everywhere/issues/19102
    - Revised and landed dns leak uplift followup
    - #34196: Update site info URL with the onion name
    - Reviews:
        Bug 34206: Tor Launcher button labels are missing (Firefox 76)
        Bug 34209: about:tor and about:tbupdate fail to load in debug
build of Tor Browser
        Bug 34164: Tor Launcher hangs with 33533+5 branch
  Not blocked
  This week:
      - Fix intermittent test failure for
      - Try to run some tor-browser tests in try.
      - #30832 followup (tbb-testsuite).

    Week of 11/05 actually:
        - DNS proposal and changes being discussed on
tor-dev at lists.torproject.org.
        - Sent revised patches for TROVE-2020-001 with Taylor's
suggestions included.
        - Got OnionBrowser to build and reproduced the iOS Tor 0.4.2+ issue.
        - Done with emails from April.
        - Review of various patches for tor.git.
        - Managed to reproducibly compile GeKo's geckoview patches on
two devices.
        - Code review of GeKo's geckoview patches to Tor Browser
(#33626, #33973, #33113).
    Not blocked on anything.
    Week of 18/05 planned:
        - Write documentation for `Onion-Location:` for nginx.
        - Continue to work with the browser folks.
        - Hopefully nail down the iOS bug.
        - Thursday and/or Friday is a public holiday here in DK that I
might make use of.

    Last week - 5/11:
        - Got TBB building in Ubuntu 'multipass' vms
(https://multipass.run/). Is pretty
        - Congestion control, FlashFlow proposal, TorFlow #33871 help,
org discussion email
        - Got diffs of gecko-dev for proxy audit
    This week - 5/18:
        - gecko-dev proxy audit

    Last week - 11 May:
        Mostly reviewed patches and preparation for 9.5a13
        Began #33939
    This week:
        Finish #33939
        Release prep for 9.5a13 and reviewing #31918



    - please own a ticket when you start working on it.


    - Tickets for AHF - 33973 and 33626 - O2.2 with geko

    - Review ux-team tickets and set timelines -> #33658 is the first
issue to solve in June


    - Reviews:

    only #30832 needs a  review

    - #33534 is still owned by pospeselr

Status Updates:


    What did you do last week?

    Anything anybody is block on?

    What is the plan for this week?

    Last week:
        - Got Fenix compiled on desktop and laptop with Android dev
        - Moved the build to remote build host.
        - Started looking at the TB tickets we apply on top of Firefox.
        - Not blocked on anything, but I am interested in which tickets
we should allocate to me.
    This week:
        - Look into the build-system patches from GeKo. Test and review.

    Last week:
        Tor Browser releases
        (Some) S58 ticket triage
        Make progress on setting up replacement Nightly build machine
    This week:
        #33939 - Decide which components of Fenix to rip out, disable,
or use
        Catch up on status of tickets

    Last week:
      - worked on lots of toolchain tickets and put a bunch of them into
      (#33557, #33561, #33626, #33760, #33833, #33973, #34011, #34012,
#34013, #34014, testing currently #33801 and figuring out issues in #33563)
      - I started to look at writing the script for toolchain changes
      - I started to look into #33939 to unblock me but I can't make a
decision here alone
      - I looked into glueing mozilla-beta into fenix/android-components
      - I looked into fallout from rebasing to mozilla-beta (#34145) and
worked around it
      - review of acat's rebased patches (#33533)
      - Still on a decision for #33939
    This week:
      - finishing #33801 and #33563
      - trying to finish review of acat's rebased patches (#33533)
      - glueing the different components together
      - setting up missing projects in tor-browser-build (likely
android-components) at least

    Last week:
        #31918: Rebase and squash mobile and desktop patches
        #33533: Rebase Tor Browser patches to 77 beta
        #34125: Fix torbutton proxy api due to change in Firefox 77.
        #33962: Uplift patch for 5741 (dns leak protection)
        Started working on #27105: Fix Tor Browser testsuite
        Not blocked, but not sure whether working on #27105 (Fix Tor
Browser testsuite) is the right priority, or I should switch to
something else.
    Next week:
        #27105: Fix Tor Browser testsuite

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