[tor-project] Metrics Meeting Notes, March 26th 2020

Gaba gaba at torproject.org
Thu Mar 26 15:41:00 UTC 2020


We had our weekly metrics team meeting today. The next one is going to
be on April 2nd at 1430 UTC and it will be a retrospective and roadmap

The pad for the meetings in 2020 is at

The agenda and notes for today is here:

Agenda Thursday, March 26th, 15 UTC

    Time tracking (karsten)

    1.8        Add CSV file export of graphed data (#33258)

    0.7        Decode percent-encoded characters in qualified search
terms (#24384)

    0.5        Fix deserialization of UTF-8 characters in details
statuses and documents (#21933)

    0.3        Don't trust "bridge-ips" blindly for user number
estimates (#18167)

    0.1        Extend integration tests in metrics-test to also test
Onionoo (no ticket)

    0.1        Add Git repository containing lots of large files (#33692)

    0.8        Other

    Time tracking (irl)

    0.7        Tasks review / direct emails

    0.1        Mailing lists

    0.5        Migrate from GitLab CI to Travis CI on GitHub for
metrics-cloud (#33713, #33714)

    0.1        TorBulkExitList.py has wrong mime type (#33682)

    0.2        Review, fix and/or ignore linter errors found by cfn-lint

    Time tracking (dj)

    I have been asked to help out on a COVID-19 contact tracing app
(making sure it is as privacy preserving as possible)

    This has limited my time for Tor related stuff last week / the
coming week, but should clear up after that

    Time tracking: weeks, months, quarters, years (karsten)

    New Onionoo backends (irl)

    Suggest holding off for a bit while we figure out #33733

    Service documentation (irl)

    Exit Scanner, Check, Onionoo, Monitoring

    Need SSH keys

    Reviews (karsten)

    We said before that first meeting of April will have Roadmap update
and Retrospective. That is next meeting. It will be on Thursday, April 2
at 14:30 UTC.

    more topics here


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