[tor-project] Metrics Meeting Notes, March 19th 2020

Gaba gaba at torproject.org
Thu Mar 19 15:19:38 UTC 2020


We had our weekly metrics team meeting today. The next one is going to
be on March 26th at 1500 UTC.

The pad for the meetings in 2020 is at

The agenda and notes for today (and last week) are here:

Agenda Thursday, March 19th, 15 UTC

    Time tracking (karsten)

    1.0        Update CDF-TTFB graph (#33256)

    0.8        Add CSV file export of graphed data (#33258)

    0.6        Improve logging for Exonerator (#24542)

    0.5        Extend integration tests in metrics-test to also test
Onionoo (no ticket)

    0.3        Make all Descriptor implementors serializable (#33090)

    0.2        Display a bridge's distribution bucket (#33008)

    0.2        Fix deserialization of UTF-8 characters in details
statuses and documents (#21933)

    0.1        Document how we estimate users by transport by country

    0.4        Other

    more topics here


Agenda Thursday, March 12th, 15 UTC

    Time tracking (karsten)

    0.6        Add directory authority bytes to dirbytes graph (#33065)

    0.4        Cache-Control header on 404 does not permit caching (#32065)

    0.8        Simplify logging configuration across code bases (#33549)

    0.1        Configure embedded Jetties programmatically rather than
using IoC (no ticket)

    0.1        Extend descriptorCutOff in CollecTor's
RelayDescriptorDownloader by 6 hours (#19828)

    0.1        Find a working alternative to using MaxMind's GeoLite2
databases (#32978)

    0.1        Investigate possible bug in m-web logs (no ticket)

    0.1        Make all Descriptor implementors serializable (#33090)

    0.1        Relay Search does not have an icon for StaleDesc (#33453)

    0.1        Relay Search flags are vertical on Tor Browser 8.0.2 on
macOS (#28317)

    0.1        Relay Search should be able to handle non-numbers in
"as:" parameter (#32683)

    0.1        Send service change announcement for check/tordnsel (#33510)

    0.0        Update instructions for enabling javascript when
javascript is disabled (#31714)

    0.0        Do not let appended descriptor files grow too large (#33502)

    0.4        Other


    (add more topics)


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