[tor-project] Notes from Vegas Meeting MARCH 12 2020

Erin Wyatt ewyatt at torproject.org
Tue Mar 17 23:09:49 UTC 2020

Vegas Team Meeting Notes
March 12, 2020

1. hiro switched us over to the new gitlab server, and that fixed the bug yaaaay!
2. check.torproject.org service replaced, old chiwui will *finally* be decomissionned in april (#33536, #33362, #29399)
3. performed SVN access audit and cleanup (#33537) - what is sue's username? [delegated to gaba]
4. reviewed DoH article
5. had our monthly meeting on monday
6. started drafting a "tools" policy, to limit and document tools used in the team (e.g. "we use Debian and Python, not Arch Linux and Golang"), specifically introduced and demo' Fabric as a new tool to automate ad-hoc jobs
7. migrated git-rw/cupani to the ganeti cluster, the first major live service to migrate (#33586)
8. handled a minor security issue with Puppet certificate revocation (#33587)
9. routine work (puppet module upgrades, code reviews

1. Coordinating/writing responses to press inquiries
2. Edited DoH blog post with Roger, Matt
3. Working with annalee_ on a vpn blog post
4. Participated in IWD on social media with a graphic by Anto
5. Making arrangements for alternate SF meetings
6. Working with OTF lab on onion services pages
7. Will submit to have a booth at DEFCON, starting initial swag/staff planning

1. S30 meeting and follow up
2. S55 meeting and follow up
3. Coordinating DoS defenses discussion.
4. Follow up on tor library size discussion
5. Follow up on svn access
6. Reading on outreachy to keep up with applicants
7. Soundtrack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBRAhgvixTg

1. Submitted Cleopatra's final feeback in Outreachy.
2. Starting to get contacted by new Outreachy contributors.
3. Moving forward with the next DocsHackathon.
4. New training material digital security for journalists ready for review.
5. Submitted all peer feedbacks and self feedback.
6. Re-organizing Community Team plans and working in a contingency plan.

1. network health work is moving forward
2. finished peer feedback
3. I spent a bunch of my weekend thinking about our organization-wide goals and how to break those down into actionable items on our roadmaps, and above all, where the current blockers are on making progress in that direction. We clearly want that flow but are not there yet.

1. Submitted peer feedback that was missing to Isa, late.
2. Virus is over DK and they have closed down some of the state, so keeping a bit track of what is going on there. Sarah's working from home now as well, which might mean that I will be working in more "normal 9-17" hours in DK and be less online in the evening.
3. Review of sbws and chutney work by juga and teor. Both projects seems to be going well.
4. Made a plan with Nick on some Windows and security items that I need to have ready for our upcoming release(s).
5. Network team folks had some feedback on the feedback process in the 1:1's. I'm keeping notes around on that and I guess we'll do some evaluation at some point?
6. My talk at University College Lillebaelt was cancelled because they dropped the conference, but I ended up doing a much long lecture just for the students in their network monitoring and security class. Was fun!
7. Behind on GSoC/Outreachy things I think.

1. Helped w/ final review of DRL
2. USENIX paper review
3. FlashFlow coordination
4. HS DoS planning + reading
5. Role discussions

1. S30 work, OONI design tasks, user research and tor browser ft bridges.
2. Sent ux team report for february.
3. Working with diogosergio on setting up a workflow with git for design iterations.
4. emmapeel is working with fundraising on a MOSS grant to get ride of transifex with the linguine group.
5. We need a plan to ship onion names in stable.
6. Planning with nah remote user research as part of S9.
7. Reviewing the various OTF Learning Lab deliverables.
8. First meeting with Simply Secure for Metrics this friday.
9. Trying to make internal demos monthly call a thing.\o/

1. Converting SF EFF event into a virtual happy hour.
2. Bitcoin2020 is postponed to later in the year.
3. Plugging ahead on plans for NYC event April 13th and exploring virtual options.
4. Planning for fundraising appeal for walking onions.
5. Upcoming meetings with Omidyar and Internet Society Foundation.
6. Applied for booth at IGF in November.

1. Working on outstanding feedback
2. Done with OTF revisions
3. Answering GSoC and Outreachy queries
4. Finally sent Browser team february report
5. Need to think about how we move some projects forward given cancellations of face to face meetings. We might do an online mini hackweek for Community, UX and Websites team during the week we would have been at IFF with a number of online presentations and events. We're still figuring out the details
6. Docshackathon prep

1. I need to get stable releases out soon, but stuff is being a bit sluggish. Working on it.
2. DoS meeting has been moved from in-person to online; will happen next Tuesday as a pilot for future online team meeting-type stuff

1. Back from vacation and trying to catch up. Please let me know if you want me to prioritise something!
2. In-person meetings at IETF 107 are cancelled, so won't be attending. May participate remotely in some sessions.
3. Tor talk in Austria is looking increasingly fragile given the current travelling situation. May do the talk remotely.
4. Submitted late peer feedback.

1. Second round of interviews
2. organizing onboarding for new ED assistant
3. finishing all proposals reviews
4. preparing to move virtual w/ donors and foundations events

1. Many Tor Browser releases
2. Helped answer questions for OTF proposal
3. Working on overdue peer reviews

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