[tor-project] Network health kick-off meeting notes

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Fri Jan 24 07:29:56 UTC 2020


We had our kick-off meeting for the network health team yesterday and
here come the notes. The IRC log can be found at:


The pad we used to organize our meeting topics and outcomes is at


Highlights from this meeting are:

1) We talked about the long-term topics guiding the network-health team
work. Breaking those down results in the following priorities for 2020:
  a) detect and resolve bad relays
  b) anomaly analysis / network health engineer [with network team]
  c) relay advocacy [with community team]
  d) make sure usage/growth stats are collected and accurate [with
metrics team]
  e) maintain the components of the network to keep it healthy

2) Based on 1) we started our roadmapping (which is not finished yet) to
figure out the most urgent work to do for the next coming weeks and
months. You'll find the progress we made so far on the above pad, too.

3) We agreed on having weekly meetings and status updates as the other
teams are doing. Our tentative meeting time will be Monday, 1900 UTC in
#tor-meeting on OFTC's IRC network, starting Monday, 2/3.

If any of you have questions/concerns/comments, don't hesitate to send them!


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