[tor-project] Network Team Meeting Notes, 22 January 2020

Alexander Færøy ahf at torproject.org
Thu Jan 23 04:05:00 UTC 2020


Here is a short summary of the network team meeting from Wednesday the 22nd of
January 2020.

1) We started out with roadmap. We went over our Q1 2020 roadmap and checked if
   everything looked good. Gaba had imported tickets from Trac before the meeting
   such that all of that was ready.

2) We went over review assignments. Things looked fine.

3) We looked at the 0.4.3 status page. People were asked to make sure that
   tickets had the 043-must/043-should/043-can keywords and otherwise they will be
   moved to 0.4.4 planning. Nick and Alex will meet next week and try to
   distribute some of the tickets out to team members.

4) Nick asked if anybody had any blockers of 0.4.3.x and if not, he would roll
   an alpha release after the meeting.

5) We talked shortly about the upcoming IPv6 grant (s55): teor is going to be
   working on this but they are open for other people to join in. There is a
   planning meeting on 23/01/2020 at 22 UTC for this sponsor.

6) We could use more people that are up for doing merging to master.

7) We discussed some Stem CI issues and how we should handle them.

8) We discussed getting more eyes on sbws. Ideally we should talk with the
   network health team here too such that they have an idea about what is
   happening with bandwidth scanning.

9) Nobody had anything else to discuss.

--- end of summary ---

You can read the network team meeting log at:


Below are the contents of our meeting pad:

    Week of Jan 13 (planned):
        - Freeze 0.4.3 in two days
        - more work on whatever gets reviewed.
        - reviews and merges
        - Write a test for 20218
        - Try moving dirauth_mode() to src/core
        - More investigation on 32835 (log bug)
        - More investigation on 32868 (assertion bug)
        - More releases?  Or wait for more fixes?
        - Split up core/include.am (32137)
        - PETS discussion
        - PETS artifact review
    Week of Jan 13 (actual):
        - 0.4.3 freeze
        - Completed and merged a bunch of branches
        - Worked on a fix for a practracker issue (32705)
        - Testing for 20218
        - More investigation on 32868 (assertion bug); added mitigation
        - Split up core/include.am (32137)
        - PETS discussion
        - Revised 32695 (remove consensus methods 25-27)
        - Revised 32487 (--disable-relay-mode disables directory caches)
        - Review and hacking on 32709 (onionbalance subcredential fix)
        - Fixed an add_c_file bug (32962)
        - More reviews, merges, fixes, revisions.
    Week of Jan 20: (planned):
        - Finish fixes on #32709 (onionbalance subcredential fix)
        - More releases?  Or wait for more fixes?
        - Help with triage and assignment on 0.4.3.x
        - work on clusterfuzz failure
        - PETS discussion and artifact review

    week of 01/13 (2020-W03) (actual):
        - reviews
        - helped out with NT service patch troubleshooting (#32984, #32883, #32778)
        - helped out with add_c_file troubleshooting (#32962)
        - GSoD
    week of 01/20 (2020-W04) (planned):
        - reviews
        - TPI holiday 01/20
        - GSoD
        - create tickets for roadmap items that need them
        - investigate some clang-format stuff (#32921)
    week of 01/20 (2020-W04) (actual):
        - TPI holiday 01/20
        - investigated availability of features in various clang-format versions (and availability in OS packages)

    Last week (planned):
     - Send out 1:1 schedules to team members.
     - Sync with Gaba.
     - Some meetings.
     - Hack on roadmap items.
    Last week (actually):
     - Synced with Gaba.
     - Sent out 1:1 schedules to everybody.
     - Submitted PRs for some s28 tickets.
     - Looked a bit at the dalek Rust code for one of the optional roadmap items.
     - Some ticket triage with Nick.
    This week (planned):
     - 1:1s with everybody pretty much.
     - A few meetings.
     - Continue to work on s28 tickets.

    Last week (planned):
      - Have gaba+isa review role descriptions
      - Metrics kickoff meeting
      - Work on explicit congestion notification meta-proposal
      - File perf-related roadmap tickets
      - Triage + prioritize circpad, vanguards bugs
    Last week (actual):
      - Had gaba+isa review role descriptions; worked on 2020 plan
      - Metrics kickoff meeting
      - Worked on explicit congestion notification meta-proposal
    This week (planned):
      - Mozilla all hands
      - Congestion control tor-dev post
    Maybe dropping due to Mozilla:
      - File perf-related roadmap tickets
      - Write mails to researchers re circpad docs + simulator
      - Triage + prioritize circpad, vanguards bugs

  Week of Jan 6th (actual):
    - Triage some tickets
    - Patch on #32892
    - Reviewed some tickets.
    - Opened #32910 and started to work on it.
    - Code needed before feature freeze for s27: #32709. 
    - Answered some tor-dev emails about HS DoS defenses. More in the pipe now
      as people have been responding.
    - Fixed #32847
  Week of Jan 13th (planned):
    - Finalize asap #32709 with asn before freeze on Wed.
    - Continue with #32910

    Week of Jan 13th (actual):
    - Get up to date with mails and Trac
    - Follow up on Gitlab status
    - Roadmapping for Scalability (with metrics team)
    - Check on sponsor work.

  Week of Jan 20th (planned)
      - Roadmap life
      - Run behind Trac

teor: (online first meeting of the month, offline at the usual meeting time)

   Week of 13 January (actual):
       Take Time for:
           - catching up on emails and IRC
           - post-0.4-stable backports and ticket triage
           - Draft sponsor 55 (relay IPv6) roadmap
               - Split into stages, no ticket numbers yet
               - Review IPv6 tickets for relevance
           - 0.4.3 bug fixes
               - #32588 Fix ORPort IPv6 auto port
               - #32822 Make Authorities add their own IPv6 ORPort to trusted dir servers
               - #32705 Practracker tests
               - #32772 Git scripts - remove 0.2.9
               - #32778 Initialise pubsub in Windows NT Service mode
               - #32962 add_c_file.py refactor
           - Fallback Scripts: CI fixes, list changes
           - Code Reviews: Bugs, Manual Page, Modularisation, Removing Obsolete Code, Volunteers
           - Proposal 306 (Client IPv6) Review and Changes
           - Triage old 0.2.9 backport tickets

   Week of 20 January (planned):
       Take Time for:
           - Draft sponsor 55 (relay IPv6) roadmap
               - Add existing ticket numbers
               - Make existing tickets child tickets of sponsor objective tickets
                 (once Gaba has created the sponsor objective tickets)
           - Draft sponsor 55 proposals
               - If I write the proposals now, we can have them reviewed by 1 February,
                 when the grant officially starts
               - O1.1: Relay IPv6 Reachability Checks
               - O1.2: Relay Auto IPv6 Address
               - O1.5: Relay IPv6 Statistics
           - Hand over or triage out 0.4.3 bug fixes
           - Code Reviews

   Week of 20 January (actual):
       Take Time for:
           - Draft sponsor 55 (relay IPv6) roadmap
               - Add existing ticket numbers
           - 0.4.3 bug fixes
               - #32778 Initialise pubsub in Windows NT Service mode
               - #32962 add_c_file.py refactorservers
               - Triage #32314 Can't connect to literal IPv6 address containing double colon
               - Diagnose #33006 Fix test-stem `test_take_ownership_via_controller` failure
           - Fallback Scripts merges, CI fixes
           - Code Reviews: Bugs, Volunteers
           - Ticket triage

    Need help with:
        - 0.4.3 bugs: I need to hand them over so I can do Sponsor 55 work.
          (See the list in the discussion section.)

Alexander Færøy

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