[tor-project] Network Team Meeting Notes, 13 January 2020

Alexander Færøy ahf at torproject.org
Wed Jan 22 22:29:55 UTC 2020


Here is a short summary of the network team meeting from Monday the 13th
of January 2020.

1) Started out with roadmap. People were asked to use
   #network-team-roadmap-2020Q1 as keyword on Trac for new items for the Q1 2020
   roadmap items.

2) We have an 0.4.3 status page now at
   that we will use for seeing how we are doing with the 0.4.3 release.

3) We decided to move next meeting to 22/1 2020 at 23 UTC.

4) There was a short discussion on a practracker issue that was resolved.

5) Nobody had anything else to discuss.

--- end of summary ---

You can read today's network team meeting log at:


Below are the contents of our meeting pad:

    Week of Jan 6, remaining (planned):
        - Work on various bugs
        - C style work, pending feedback
        - Dirauth config modularization work, pending feedback and review
        - Revise 22029 (block by ed25519) 
        - Examine binary size issues
        - More reviews
    Week of Jan 6 (actual):
        - Worked on more style patches; resolve numerous pending style issues (under 32921)
        - Initial triage 0.4.3.x tickets with ahf
        - Lots of tests, reviews, merges
        - Looked at binary size issue a bit
        - Revised and merged 22029
        - Wrote patch to disable dircache when relay-mode is disabled (32487)
    Week of Jan 13 (planned):
        - Freeze 0.4.3 in two days
        - more work on whatever gets reviewed.
        - reviews and merges
        - Write a test for 20218
        - Try moving dirauth_mode() to src/core
        - More investigation on 32835 (log bug)
        - More investigation on 32868 (assertion bug)
        - More releases?  Or wait for more fixes?
        - Split up core/include.am (32137)
        - PETS discussion
        - PETS artifact review
    week of 01/06 (2020-W02) (planned):
        - reviews
        - GSoD
        - roadmapping (creating tickets for planned work items)
    week of 01/06 (2020-W02) (actual):
        - reviews
        - revised #32846 (GSoD work) and suggested future directions
        - tried to debug some asciidoc network dependency problems; turns out to be homebrew (macOS) specific
    week of 01/13 (2020-W03) (planned):
        - reviews
        - roadmapping (creating tickets for planned work items)
        - GSoD
    help with:
        - teor, or someone else, could we please merge #32846 soon to unblock swati?
    Last week (planned):
     - Begin work on roadmapped items for Jan/Feb.
     - Solve my last Gitlab formatting issue(s?)
     - Recover fully from flu.
    Last week (actually):
     - Friday worked on GL issues.
     - Recovered from the flu.
     - Triage with Nick.
     - Some FOSDEM prep.
     - Planning roadmap items with a mixture of GL, new Jan/Feb tasks, and s28 items.
    This week (planned):
     - Send out 1:1 schedules to team members.
     - Sync with Gaba.
     - Some meetings.
     - Hack on roadmap items.
    Last week (planned):
        - Figure out Mozilla Berlin EKR meeting topics
        - Catch up on mail
    Last week (actual):
        - Figure out Mozilla Berlin EKR meeting topics
        - Catch up on mail
    This week (planned):
      - Have gaba+isa review role descriptions
      - Metrics kickoff meeting
      - Work on explicit congestion notification meta-proposal
      - Write mails to researchers re circpad docs + simulator
      - File perf-related roadmap tickets
      - Triage + prioritize circpad, vanguards bugs
  Week of Jan 6th (actual):
    - Triage some tickets
    - Patch on #32892
    - Reviewed some tickets.
    - Opened #32910 and started to work on it.
    - Code needed before feature freeze for s27: #32709. 
    - Answered some tor-dev emails about HS DoS defenses. More in the pipe now
      as people have been responding.
    - Fixed #32847
  Week of Jan 13th (planned):
    - Finalize asap #32709 with asn before freeze on Wed.
    - Continue with #32910
    Week of Jan 13th (planned):
    - Get up to date with mails and Trac
    - Follow up on Gitlab status
    - Roadmapping for Scalability (with metrics team)
    - Check on sponsor work.

Alexander Færøy

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