[tor-project] Notes from Vegas Meetings JANUARY 2 & JANUARY 9 2020

Erin Wyatt ewyatt at torproject.org
Fri Jan 10 04:00:02 UTC 2020

Happy new year, everyone!! :D


JANUARY 9 2019


- Considering using up our primary emergency hardware budget (162EUR/mth) to expand the Ganeti cluster to shutdown old machines and move critical services to the redundant cluster. [anarcat]
	• Response: Yes, let's do it.

- How many proposal are we submitting to Righstcon? [gus] 
	• Response: So far, 2.

- Mozilla folks said that we should figure out ASAP what meetings/conversation topics and times wewant to have (if any) while at the Mozilla conference in Berlin, as the schedule will 
    start filling up soon. (Last time, we scheduled our meeting with  at the end 
    of the conference, so we had time to prepare for it in person. I think this worked well, but
    it had some downsides due to lack of quick followup opportunities). FYI I am emailing [to ask] them for a meeting; planning on sending before the end of the week.


0) Still on "vacation"

1) New vacation/AFK calendar on NC - email to people soon.
2) HR/Personnel stuff
3) Roadmapping 2020 - will include next review cycle, hiring process, handbook (incl. IP stuff), diversity report, etc.

1. worked on evaluating automated install solutions since we'd possibly have to setup multiple machines if the donation comes through
2. got a big scare before vacations and we're evaluating priorities to avoid this problem in the future. will likely prioritize work on service stabilization and reliability instead of new services along with surveying/researching expectations on service support and availability to avoid the situation that happened
3. considering using up our primary emergency hardware budget (162EUR/mth) to expand the Ganeti cluster to shutdown old machines and move critical services to the redundant cluster. 
4. happy new year everyone! :)

1) Doing campaign retros with comms/fundraising
2) Organizing a panel with EFF and FPF on privacy laws and tools for RightsCon 
3) Working with Outreachy intern annalee_ 
4) Started 2020 Comms roadmap with Isa 
5) Preparing for San Fran fundraising event in March 

1) Having 1:1s w/ Vegas Leads about 2020 -> if I don't have one schedule w/ u yet, Jon is working on it and will schedule one soon
2) Off site meetings: Matt :), Brennan Center, NYU, ED NYC Club dinner
3) Doing some Money Machine + Comms tasks
4) Getting the Board Book prepared for our next meeting Jan 21st
5) Working on onboarding doc for onion advisors and updating the membership program doc (also need to do some follow up w/ julius).

1) Working on final numbers and reflections for EOY campaign.
2) Planning March 26th event in San Francisco.
3) Several upcoming meetings with potential new foundation funders.
4) Updating the fundraising roadmap for 2020.

1) Giving a talk today on our anti-censorship work at my old college (https://twitter.com/torproject/status/1208102010832277504)
2) More writing for TTP grant application

1) Roadmapping UX team work for 2020
2) Community partners ran user research during December in Colombia and Tanzania. Working with nah on reporting those and integrate that user feedback in our development cycle.
3) Back to S27 land, syncing with devs, reviewing tickets.

1) Roadmapping Community Team - 2020 with Pili
2) 1:1 with Isa last week
3) Coordinating remote trainings with partners in Global South
4) Outreachy: reviewing Cleopatra frontdesk support, new documentation PRs and monthly user feedback
5) Working on Tor Project Village proposal in IFF
6) Answering 2019 emails
7) Working on remote training workflow - https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/32893 [anarcat, we need your opinion about the RT part of this proposal]
8) Submitted a digital security workshop to Journalism Festival in Italy, but we didn't heard anything from the organization.

1) Started a discussion on tor-dev@ how to handle MaxMind's change to how we can access and use their databases. We use them for tor (statistics and path selection) and Onionoo. Right now we cannot update the databases that we have, so this is a bit urgent.
2) Reviewed and revised a patch to how we sanitize web server access logs (#32747), which will hopefully reduce sanitization time from several hours to under an hour each day. Maybe it'll also resolve artifacts like the one found in #31901.
3) Preparing for roadmapping meeting next week by going through the enourmous ticket backlog in Metrics/* components.

1) Scheduling 1:1 with network team folks for the next couple of months. Trying to have more of them on a single day to make my structure a bit simpler.
2) Some work around q1 roadmap.
3) Follow up on emails, EOM tasks, etc.
4) Figure out FOSDEM logistics and general q1 travel stuff for different events.

1) Wrapping up 0.4.3.x work; soon to enter feature-freeze. (Jan 15)
2) Likely to do another 0.4.2.x soon, plus maybe an 0.4.1.x too, to sort out minor issues in previous release with seccomp2 sandbox and NT services.
3) Still working on role transitions; got to figure out what planning/arch actually _is_.

0. Technically still on vacation. Will attend to discuss Mozilla Berlin stuff (see new biz 
1. Have a Research Director Roles draft doc; will send to Gaba+Isa next week then circulate more widely.

1. Catching up from vacations
2. Roadmap Gardening
3. Organising for FOSDEM

1. Tor Browser releases based on 68.4.0esr and 68.4.1esr this week
2. At Real World Crypto
3. Tor Browser roadmapping and such.


JANUARY 2, 2020


- Are we doing any RightsCon submissions? 
	• Discussion: Yes, we discussed this at a vegas meeting; we are going to reach out to contacts that are going to check if they have any plans, maybe we can be part of their plans or plan something together with them. We created a list just before xmas, now its time to pick it up again and email some of the folks on that list 
- Did we ever make a shared plan on the trademark defense work?
	• Discussion: No for now; Jon is still the main point person to report such things, me and him still need to update the trademark FAQ regarding logo on swags that are for personal use not for sale etc - isabela (i think having things this way for now its fine, I believe we have other priorities i.e. membership program to organize and push fwd - isabela)


- 2020 message: privacy by design


1) Are we doing any RightsCon submissions?
2) Did we ever make a shared plan on the trademark defense work?
3) Can we authorize and train some more people to do website changes? E.g. our Shadow dev job spot has been open for weeks after Erin filed a ticket to have it come down (#32826) and we keep getting new applicants. [this has done already by Pili and Hiro if anyone else needs or wants a training they should reach out to Hiro] [we also have some docs! https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/web/tpo/wikis/home - A]
4) The SponsorV and Sponsor2 reports are in.

1. Catching up on emails from the holidays
2. Working on email to sponsors reviewing tor in the media 2019
3. working on document for onion advisors orientation meeting and updating a little bit the membership program proposal
4. 2020 message privacy by design - next email I plan to send to tor-project

1. We raised about $315K for the EOY campaign. We probably still have checks at the PO box that haven't been added in yet. This is over $100K more than we raised last year and we've now raised more from individuals in the first 6 months of this FY than we did in FY19 in its entirety. I'll have a more comprehensive report in the coming days. [awesome work! -ahf]

1. Wrapped up the EOY fundraising campaign. Comms report coming.
2. Will start planning/coordination for campaign for companies to run relays
3. Switching out social media campaign branding 
4. Catching up! 

1. Relaxed, a lot.
2. Went to 36c3. Was mostly at the BornHack assembly, but the Tor assembly seem to run fine (asfaik). The Relay operators meetup went well IMO. I did not go to the "Tor Relay Org" meeting there as I was told there was only 12 seats in the room, but it is my impression that went OK too. I have seen a number somewhere that around 20-25% of the exit capacity in the network were together in that room.
3. This "week" is going to be return to normal life, catch up on email, do harvest, schedule 1:1 with network team folks, and return to Gitlab work tomorrow.

0. Back online from the winter holiday; catching up on things.

1. sending ux team report for december and a 2019 recap
2. emails, emails and more emails
3. resuming what i left open in december

1. Back from holidays and catching up.

1. Missing this meeting
2. Catching up on missed items from the past week
3. Prepping release for next week

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