[tor-project] Brainstormy fundraising idea

Kate Krauss ailanthus at riseup.net
Wed Apr 29 03:59:24 UTC 2020


I see that Stripe featured the work of an SF community organization
during its virtual all hands meeting a couple weeks ago and raised
$10,000 for the organization from its staff. I wonder if Stripe--or
another company--might consider something like that for Tor?

The tweet from @sfnewdeal:
Thanks @stripe for featuring our work in your virtual all-hands this
morning! We received $10k in donations from generous “Stripes” in an
@patrickc #neighborshelpingneighbors #sfnewdeal #SaveSmallBusiness

Just a thought,

Kate Krauss
(former comms and public policy lead for Tor, for new folks)

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