[tor-project] Anti-censorship meeting notes, 23 Apr 2020

Philipp Winter phw at torproject.org
Thu Apr 23 18:14:25 UTC 2020

Hi all,

Here are our meeting minutes:


And here is our meeting pad:

Anti-censorship work meeting pad

Next meeting: Thursday April 23th 18:00 UTC

Weekly meetings, every Thursday at 18:00 UTC, in #tor-meeting at OFTC (channel is logged while meetings are in progress).

== Goal of this meeting ==

Weekly checkin about the status of anti-censorship work at Tor.
Coordinate collaboration between people/teams on anti-censorship at Tor.

== Links to Useful documents ==

    * Our anti-censorship roadmap: https://gitlab.torproject.org/torproject/anti-censorship/roadmap/boards
        * Our roadmap consists of a subset of trac tickets. For 2020 Q1, the trac keyword is anti-censorship-roadmap-2020Q1
        * Next planning session: last week of April
    * The anti-censorship team's wiki page: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/teams/AntiCensorshipTeam
    * Past meeting notes can be found at: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-project/
    * GetTor's roadmap: https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/torproject/anti-censorship/gettor-project/-/boards
    * Tickets that need reviews:  from sponsors we are working on:
        * https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/sponsors/Sponsor30
        * https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/sponsors/Sponsor28
    * Anti-censorship related tickets that we want other teams to fix:
        * https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-anti-censorship-tickets-keep

---  April 23th 2020   --

== Announcements ==

    * We've now officially split snowflake into two repositories
        * Go implementation: gitweb.torproject.org/pluggable-transports/snowflake.git/
        * Web-based proxy code: gitweb.torproject.org/pluggable-transports/snowflake-webext.git/
    * Kyle, the researcher who is investigating Snowflake's network fingerprint, has found differences in Snowflake's DTLS handshake (different offered extensions) relative to Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, and Discord. He is planning to file a ticket with details.

== Discussion ==


== Actions ==


== Interesting links ==


== Reading group ==

    * We will discuss "MassBrowser: Unblocking the Censored Web for the Masses, by the Masses" on April 30
        * https://censorbib.nymity.ch/#Nasr2020a
        * Questions to ask and goals to have:
            * What aspects of the paper are questionable?
            * Are there immediate actions we can take based on this work?
            * Are there long-term actions we can take based on this work?
            * Is there future work that we want to call out, in hopes that others will pick it up?

== Updates ==

    This week:
        - What you worked on this week.
    Next week:
        - What you are planning to work on next week (related to anti-censorship work).
    Help with:
         - Something you may need help with.

  This week (2020-04-23):
        * Offboarding meeting for Tor's exit scanner.
            * Spent a bit of time looking into porting exitmap to Python 3.
        * Reviewed #32912, #33835, and #31528.
        * More improvements to script that tests BridgeDB's email autoresponder (#12802).
        * Some organisational tasks (TTP grant, DARPA PI meeting).
        * Asked around wrt status of meek-azure.
        * Moved forward with "censorship snapshot" (#28531).
            * In the process, improved our lightweight censorship analyser, which can help with that (#30794).
        * More thinking about feedback loop between BridgeDB and OONI.
            * There are similarities to Salmon: we may want to implement a simplified Salmon for this task.
  Next week:
  Help with:
        * #28531

Gaba: ()
   Last week (2020-03-30):
        * not much related to anti-censorship
    This week (planned):
        * anti-censorship retrospective

cecylia (cohosh): last updated 2020-04-23
Last week:
    - lots of meetings
    - discussed #28325 and #33953 with GeKo and boklm
    - revised solution to snowflake proxy failures (#33666)
    - revised and merged PRs to separate snowflake repos (#33593)
    - merged cleanup of gettor scripts (#32912)
    - popets things
    - sponsor 28 evaluation work
    - started looking at GetTor twitter responder and telegram bot work (#33036, #22011)
This week:
    - get a tor browser android build running
    - start working on snowflake for android (#28672)
    - set up some kind of NAT topology testing suite (#25595)
    - look into setting up a TURN server (#25596)
    - figure out what we need to do to revive the twitter responder in GetTor (#33036)
    - look at old GetTor mirrors (#33893)
Needs help with:
    - review of snowflake proxy failure solution (#33666)

juggy :

    This week:
        - Researched XUL and dug into previous conversations around integrating Tor Launcher into Tor Browser, why porting to Web Extensions might not work, etc.
    Next week:
        - Implement audio captchas in moat, figure out how to reduce audio captcha request size
        - Keep studying BridgeDB
    Help with:

arlolra: 2020-04-16
    Last week:
        - start on #33365
        - review of #33593
    Next week:
        - follow ups to #33365
        - review of #33666
        - start on #31201
    Help with:
        - review of #33365

dcf: 2020-04-23
    Last week:
        - reviewed Go 1.13 upgrade (#32027)
        - commented on design for self-limiting failing proxies (#33666)
    Next week:
        - respond to feedback on turbotunnel merge branch (#33745)
        - branch for snowflake turbotunnel merge into Tor Browser
        - share access to the snowflake broker CDN configuration (#30510)
    Help with:

cjb: 2020-04-23
   Last week:
    - gonna be afk with kids
   Next week:
   Help with:

    Last week:
        - Kept working on #33835
    Next week:
        - finalize #33835
        - finalize #31528
    Help with:

catalyst: 2020-04-16
    last week:
        - more work on #5304 (PT outbound bind address)
        - started looking at #29128 (assemble bridge line)
this week:
        - more background research and work on s28/s30 tickets

thymbahutymba: 2020-04-02
    Last week:
        - CI/CD pipeline for multiarch docker images, which has a problem
          with the apt tor version even though the apt repository have been
          changed into the Dockerfile.
    Next week:
    Help with:

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