[tor-project] Community Team monthly report for August 2019

gus gus at torproject.org
Mon Sep 9 19:14:13 UTC 2019


Here's Community Team report for August 2019.


Community Team is responsible to keep the content updated on these
websites: Support portal, Tor Browser manual and Community portal. 

In August we organized all the logistics to a documentation hackathon -
#DocsHackathon - to engage volunteers and update our documentation:
 * Blog post + online registration: <https://blog.torproject.org/join-tors-docshackathon-next-week>
 * Ticket triage:
 * DocsHackathon wiki:


Tickets backlog: from +1000 new tickets in frontdesk queue, we worked to
reduce to ~170 new tickets.

Community Portal work

Our new shiny portal is taking shape! Some sections are done, others
needs more love (and volunteers). 

Relay operations section is almost done: more pages migration from Trac
and old portal to <https://community.torproject.org/relay/>

If you want to help with content to Onion Services section, get in touch
with us!

Sponsor9 work

In August Pili and Gus worked on a Training Partnership Agreement to
submit to local organizations in countries that we visited during
Sponsor 9 phase 1 and 2. 

We also move forward with our roadmap defined during Stockholm meeting
and started to get in touch with partners from Sponsor9 Phase 1 and
Phase 2.


* Chaos Communication Camp - CCCamp Activities (Aug 20 - 25th):
    * Community members organized a booth with Tor t-shirts and flyers in
      about:freedom cluster:
    * Submitted and organized activities in about:freedom
        * 2019/08/21 18:00 - Tor Relay Operator Meetup
        * 2019/08/22 13:30 - Tor Project: running Tor trainings with
          human rights defenders in Global South
    * CCCamp activity in main schedule:
        * 2019/08/23 14:00 - Updates from the Onion - The Road to Mobile
          Tor and Improved Censorship Circumvention
    * Read more about our activities:

* After two months without Global South IRC meetings, we're back! Our
monthly meeting happened on August 30th on #tor-south channel:
   * Meeting notes:
   * Next meeting: Friday, Sept 27, 1600 UTC, #tor-south

* Cy talked to students from São Paulo University about Tor Project.


Working in a funding proposal with Tails and the Guardian Project.


* Updated the Community Team meeting format, read our meeting notes here:
    * Meeting notes, 5 Aug 2019:
    * Meeting notes, 12 Aug 2019:
    * Meeting notes, 19 Aug 2019:
    * Meeting notes, 26 Aug 2019:
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