[tor-project] Follow up Gitlab next steps (Re: update on ticket system discussion)

Gaba gaba at torproject.org
Fri Sep 6 20:52:03 UTC 2019


With Pili we have been working on this document to compare features
between trac and gitlab as well as proposal for a structure and
workflows. Please take a look and send


It seems that the next step will be to get together between everybody
interested in this transition (or in not doing it) and discuss this plan
as well as how to move forward.

We are going to meet on

September 17th, at 18UTC in #tor-meeting

Please, send me, pili or to the mailing list any comment if you can not
make it to the meeting.


El 7/29/19 a las 8:07 AM, Gaba escribió:
> Hi!
> There has been some discussion in the 'corridors' of Tor and in the last
> meeting face to face during the session on 'internal tooling' and
> specifically about tickets system. I'm sending this mail to try to
> summarize what the discussion has been until now, make it transparent
> and try to get an agreement on how to move forward.
> Problem:
> - Trac software is not being mantained (from our perspective of users of
> Trac this is a bomb getting ready to explode) [0]
> Solution
> - Move out into a better (possible feature parity with what we use now
> AND integration between project management tool and tickets) and
> mantained ticketing system.
> Discussion until now
> - A few years ago there was a survey [1] on which features people would
> like to see in a new ticketing system.
> - There is a ticket [2] that has a discussion on features needed and a
> document [3] that brainstorm features between trac and gitlab.
> - The last meeting in Stockholm there has been several discussions on
> what is needed. [4]
> - In 2017 Hiro and the network team experimented with the oniongit.eu
> Gitlab instance.
> - In 2019, a test instance was setup, called "dip.torproject.org"[5],
> that a few projects are using right now to test its use.
> We are mostly considering Gitlab (until now) because:
> 1. We can host it ourselves and not have other company control the data.
> 2. It is open source [6].
> 3. It is mantained [7].
> 4. It supports the project management tool that we are interested in.
> Before moving forward we need:
> 1. Consensus or a clear compromise on what to move into.
> 2. A plan on how the migration to a new ticketing system will happen. I
> started drafting it here (thinking that Gitlab would be the new one)
> [8]. This plan is still a work in progress and we will continue doing it
> when we all agree on which system to move into.
> cheers,
> gaba
> [0] https://trac.edgewall.org/roadmap
> [1]
> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1V4Faq2y9vv8XTp-OADl4YRMTiRB0G9DHvj23NRpwzcc/edit#gid=0
> [2] https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/30857
> [3] https://nc.riseup.net/s/TYX37BDT4eQfTiW
> [4]
> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/meetings/2019Stockholm/Notes/InternalTooling
> [5] https://dip.torproject.org
> [6] https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org
> [7] https://gitlab.com/groups/gitlab-org/-/roadmap?layout=MONTHS
> [8] https://nc.riseup.net/s/SnQy3yMJewRBwA7

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