[tor-project] Tor Browser Team Meeting Notes, 12 November 2019

Matthew Finkel sysrqb at torproject.org
Tue Nov 19 01:00:30 UTC 2019


Last Tuesday we held our weekly Tor Browser Team meeting (we rescheduled
it from Monday due to a bank holiday in the US).

Here are the meeting notes:

Most the the meeting was spent discussing our triaging processes. We
also (temporarily) moved our meeting pad onto pad.riseup.net until nc
(nextcloud) is a viable alternative.

Weekly updates:


Week of November 12, 2019

    What do we triage and how do we triage?
    Mailing list management
    What do we need to do to migrate this pad away from Storm? (mcs)
    Last week:
        -struggled with the alpha release
          -I tried my luck with a workaround for #32053 but that failed
        -Spent a lot of time on OTF proposal
        -Still looking into reproducibility issue (#32053) by currently
bisecting LLVM, but getting closer thanks to the help of Alex Crichton
and LLVM devs
        -backported fix for Mozilla's 1591259 (#31573)
        -reviews (#28803, #32303, #32413, #32220, #30683 (backport of
Mozilla's fix for 1581537), #30558, some pieces of #28745, #32365)
        -work on #31597 (still not finished)
        -I spent some of my spare time to start getting RLBox integrated
in our build process (#32379 is the parent ticket)
    This week:
        -Help with OTF proposal if needed
        -Hopefully having a working fix for #32053 up for review
        -make progress on remaining bits for #30429 and #31010
        -work on our signing infrastructure (#31161 for Android, #32173
for macOS)
        -start with Tor Browser design doc update (sysrqb: let me know
how you think we should work on that one together)
        -more RLBox work in spare time

mcs and brade:
    Last week:
        - Provided updated biographical info to Al for use in proposals.
        - Sponsor 27 work: #30237 (v3 onion services client auth).
            - Worked on loose ends including an improved error indicator
and localization support.
        - Spent a little time on #32394 (Update Progress Bar doesn't use
    This week/upcoming:
        - #30237 (v3 onion services client auth).
            - Tie up loose ends.
            - Post a patch for review (planned for today or tomorrow).
        - Think about permanent storage or client auth keys and
associated management UI.
            - Maybe this work can be done under #19757 (Make a menu to
add onion and auth-cookie to TB).
        - Respond in #32418 (up-to-date Torbrowser notifies that it
can't update).

    Last week:
        - Roadmapping
        - OTF Browser Proposal
    This week:
        - Looking at past team capacity to try to figure out some
        - S44 report

    Last week:
        (hopefully) resolved obfs4proxy issue on Android Q in 9.5a2
        Worked a little on OTF proposal
        Didn't follow up on #31915 upflift or fastlane
        Mostly reviewed #30501 revisions
        Investigated localization broken on Android (#32365)
    This week:
        Fastly event talking about Tor Browser
        Finish #32365
        Finish #30501 review
        Clean up android signing key documentation
        Catch up on Onion-Location status
        Follow up on uplift #31915
        AFK some of Wednesday and some of Thursday
    Last week:
        - Helped with building/publishing releases, and followed
comments on blog posts
        - Some reviews
        - Made patch for #25099 (Update nightly version number)
        - Started looking at #25101 (Generate incremental mar files for
nightly builds)
    This week:
        - Will be afk tomorrow (Wednesday)
        - Work on #18867 (Ship auto-updates for Tor Browser nightly
channel) and sub-tickets
        - Test/review rebased patch for #30334 (build_go_lib for
Jeremy Rand
    Last week:
        - Cleaned up Electrum-NMC 3.3.8 Git history.
        - Tagged Electrum-NMC 3.3.8.
        - Submitted patch for #30558; ready for review.
        - Addressed Nick's latest feedback on #19859.
    This week:
        - Address whatever review happens on #30558 and #19859.

    Last week:
        - finished up #32220 (letter boxing UX improvements)
        - #30570 investigation (per-site settings)

    Last week:
        - Investigated perf. issue with #23719 (Make sure WebExtensions
are spared from JIT ...)
        - Ported #30683 firefox patch (dom/locales/$lang/chrome/ allow
detecting user locale)
        - Worked on #21952 - Onion-location: increasing the use of onion
services through automatic redirects and aliasing
        - sent updated resume to Al for OTF proposal.
    This week:
        - Continue working on #21952.
        - Check #32255 (Missing ORIGIN header breaks CORS in Tor Browser
9.0) and take some action (not sure exactly which one)
        - Revise #28745: THE Torbutton clean-up
        - Follow up #32297 (try to reproduce with new info from
    Last Week:
    - Put together package diagram of TOPL/tor-android-service classes
and how they are integrated. Defined integration areas we need to look
at with Orbot/Tor Browser. Sent email to guardian project to open
    - #31130 - fixes for checksum and fixes for https-everywhere (in
   -  #30501 - made changes to settings to handle sets of properties
like bridge lists, addresses rather than flat lines. Made changes to
tor-android-service to make it compile time compatible with TOPL
    This Week:
   - #30501/torrc changes... - more clearly specify ticket issues, will
have new review ready by end of day
  - Follow up with guardian project for plans moving forward


- Matt

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