[tor-project] minutes from the sysadmin meeting

Antoine Beaupré anarcat at torproject.org
Thu Nov 7 17:13:45 UTC 2019


Here are the minutes from this month's sysadmin meeting.

# Roll call: who's there and emergencies

anarcat, hiro, qbi present, ln5 and weasel couldn't make it but still
sent updates.

# What has everyone been up to

## anarcat

 * blog service damage control (#32090)
 * new caching service (#32239)
 * try to kick cymru back into life (#29397)
 * jabber service shutdown (#31700)
 * prometheus/ipsec reliability issues (#31916)
 * bumped prometheus retention to 5m/365d, bumped back to 1m/365d
   after i realized it broke the graphs (#31244)
 * LDAP sudo transition (#6367)
 * finished director replacement (#31786)
 * archived public SVN (#15948)
 * shutdown SVN internal (#15949)
 * fix "ping on new VMs" bug on ganeti hosts (#31781)
 * review Fastly contracts and contacts
 * became a blog maintainer (#23007)
 * clarified hardware donation policy in FAQ (#32044)
 * tracking major upgrades progress (fancy graphs!), visible at
   https://help.torproject.org/tsa/howto/upgrades/ - current est:
   april 2020
 * joined a call with giant rabbit about finances, security and cost,
   hiro also talked with them about upgrading their CiviCRM, some
   downtimes to be announced soon-ish
 * massive (~20%) trac ticket cleanup in the "trac" component
 * worked sysadmin onboarding process docs (ticket #29395)
 * drafted a template for service documentation in
 * daily grind: email aliases, pgp key updates, full disks, security
   upgrades, reboots, performance problems

## hiro

 * website maintenance and eoy campaign
 * retire getulum
 * make a new machine for gettor
 * crm stuff with giant rabbit
 * some security updates and service documentation. Testing out
   ansible for scripts. Happy with the current setup used for gettor
   with everything else in puppet.
 * some gettor updates and maintenance
 * started creating the dev website
 * survey update
 * nagios gettor status check
 * dip updates and maintenance

## weasel

 * moving onionoo forward to new VMs (#31659 and linked)
 * moved more things off metal we want to get rid of
 * includes preparing a new IRC host (#32281); the old one is not yet

## qbi

 * created tor-moderators@
 * updated some machines (apt uprade)

## linus

 * followed up with nextcloud launch

# What we're up to next

## anarcat


 * caching server launch and followup, missing stats (#32239)


 * followup on SVN shutdown, only corp missing (#17202)
 * upstreaming ganeti installer fix and audit of the others (#31781)
 * followup with email services improvements (#30608)
 * followup on SVN decomissionning (#17202)
 * send root@ emails to RT (#31242)
 * continue prometheus module merges

## hiro

 * Lektor package upgrade
 * More website maintenance
 * nagios bridgedb status check
 * investigating occasional websites build failures
 * move translations / majus out of moly
 * finish prometheus tasks w/ anticensorship-team
 * why is gitlab giving an error when creating a MR from a forked

## ln5

 * nextcloud migration
## qbi

 * Upgrade some hosts (<5) to buster

# Other discussions

No planned discussion.

# Next meeting

qbi can't on dec 2nd and we missed two people this time, so it make sense to do it a week earlier...

november 25th 1500UTC, which is 1600CET and 1000EST

# Metrics of the month

Access and transfer rates are an average over the last 30 days.

 * hosts in Puppet: 75, LDAP: 79, Prometheus exporters: 120
 * number of apache servers monitored: 32, hits per second: 203
 * number of self-hosted nameservers: 5, mail servers: 10
 * pending upgrades: 5, reboots: 0
 * average load: 0.94, memory available: 303.76 GiB/946.18 GiB,
   running processes: 387
 * bytes sent: 200.05 MB/s, received: 132.90 MB/s

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Antoine Beaupré
torproject.org system administration

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